New Study Group for Broadcasting Services


The ITU Radiocommunication Assembly, which met in Istanbul Turkey, May 1 to 5, has approved the merger of Study Group 10  (Sound Broadcasting), and Study Group 11      (TV Broadcasting) into a single group designated as Study Group 6. This was the designation of the original study group on broadcasting.


Scope of Work for SG-6


At the same meeting the following scope of work for Study Group 6 was also approved:


Radiocommunication broadcasting (terrestrial and satellite), including vision, sound, multimedia and data services principally intended for delivery to the general public.


Broadcasting makes use of point-to-everywhere information delivery to widely

available consumer receivers. When return channel capacity is required (e.g.

for access control, interactivity, etc.), broadcasting typically uses an asymmetrical distribution infrastructure that allows high capacity information delivery to the public with lower capacity return link to the service provider. The production and distribution of programs (vision, sound, multimedia, data, etc.) may employ contribution circuits among studios, information gathering circuits (ENG, SNG, etc.), primary distribution to delivery nodes, and secondary distribution to consumers.


The Study Group, recognizing that radiocommunication broadcasting extends

from the production of programs to their delivery to the general public, as detailed above, studies those aspects related to production and radiocommunication, including the international exchange of programs as well as the overall quality of service.


The scope of the new Study Group has been the subject of intense discussion since December 1999 when it was first discussed at the extraordinary meeting of the Study Groups 10 and 11. The main concern had been to avoid any real or perceived overlap with the scope of work of some study groups in ITU-T. The finally adopted version is essentially as was proposed by several countries, including Canada and the USA.


Chair and Vice-Chairs of SG-6


Mr. A. Magenta (Italy) was selected as the SG-6 chairman. He was formerly the Chair of SG-10, Broadcasting Sound Service. Prof. M. Krivocheev (Russia) retired after over 50 years of distinguished service to the ITU-R  and more than 20 years as chair of SG-11.  


Mr. Larry Olson (United States/FCC) for Sound Broadcasting and Mr. Joseph Flaherty (NABA/CBS) for Television were appointed to Vice-Chair positions along with:

S. Glotov (Ukraine), New

J. Kumada (Japan) New

H. Kussman (Germany) Former Vice-Chair SG-10

R. Najm (ASBU), New

K. M. Paul (India), New

V. Stepanian, (Iran, Islamic Republic) Former Vice-Chair WP-11A


The election of Mr. Flaherty will provide the television side with considerable strength. In addition representing Region 2, he also will represent as the Technical Committee Chair of WBU many broadcaster interests around the globe. Messrs. Kussman and Olson will provide good continuity regarding Sound Broadcasting.


Metin Akgun

Communications Research Centre Canda (CRC)