Yes, if the program was recorded in digital form, transmitted in digital form, and received by your TV tuner or set top box in digital form. Once the signal reaches this point, the capabilities of your TV will determine how good a signal you ultimately see. We’re back to whether your set can display signals in the SD, ED, or HD display formats. And, in the case of HD, the original digital signal still has to meet the HD criteria. Currently, the two Canadian satellite companies and many cable companies are providing up to 20 HDTV channels. The majority of the other digital offerings fall into the SD classification, or the programs may only be digital in the transmission process, having been converted from an analogue source. For consumers to receive true HDTV signals, the programs must originate in a digital format, and be digitally transmitted. And remember,  a “digital” set top box does not decode HD signals. You will need to get an HD set top box from your service provider

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