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HDTV in Canada

History of DTV development in Canada

November 1995 - Creation of the Ministers Task Force on the Implementation of DTV in Canada

October 1997 - Presented Task Force Report to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Industry Canada, - 17 Recommendations  

June 1998 - Recommended the Canadian DTV standard is ATSC - Adopted in by Canadian Government

November 1997 - Canadian allotment plan gazetted, released by Industry Canada and revised in April 1998

May 1998 - Canadian Digital Television (CDTV) set-up in to manage the orderly transition from analogue to digital television in Canada

February 1999 - Roll-Out in U.S. influences Canadian roll-out, Canada plans 18 month to 2 year lag behind the U.S. going operational (U.S. deemed operational Fall 2002)

October 1999 -  First DTH HD Broadcast from Canadian satellite launched October 24

December 1999 - CDTV test transmitter on ch. 67 in Ottawa operational

September 2000 - U.S. and Canada reach agreement on implementing digital television service along the U.S./Canada border

December 2000 - First Canadian live HD production Kitchener Ontario Figure Skating by TSN/CTV/Bell ExpressVu

June 2001 - Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) calls for comments on proposed policy to oversee the transition from analog to digital over-the-air television broadcasting

September and December 2001 - CDTV demonstrates the first Canadian simultaneous over-the-air, cable, satellite DTV transmission in Canada

July 2001 - CDTV demonstration DTV station operational on ch. 66 in Toronto

June 2002 - CRTC releases regulatory framework for transition to over-the-air digital television services

                        1) Market-driven

                        2) All analog license holders granted a DTV license

                        3) Emphasis on HDTV Programming as a benefit to the viewer

December, 2002 - CDTV test transmitter in Montreal on air on ch. 64

September 2002CDTV test transmitter on ch. 64 in Montreal operational

February 2003 - CITY-TV, first Canadian DTV broadcaster, on-the-air in Toronto on ch. 53

August 2003 – Specialty Channels TSN & Discovery launch their HD services

November 2003 – CTV becomes the first national network broadcaster to begin distribution of HD services, OTA distribution to follow

November 2003 - Distribution Framework released by the CRTC

November 2003 - First French language live HD production Vu/Canal Indigo/Bell ExpressVu



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