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Exploration Production’s High Definition Delivery
Position’s Discovery Channel as a Leader in Original HD Hours

Toronto, Ontario (July 6, 2021) – Discovery Channel announced today that its upcoming Fall schedule will feature 32 hours of new Canadian programming shot and airing in High Definition. It’s the most original HD programming this Fall of any Canadian non-sports broadcaster.

Supplying the bulk of the HD programs is Discovery’s own production house Exploration Productions Inc. (EPI), Canada’s leading producer of HD content.
In all, 30 HD hours of original EPI production will be delivered for broadcast in 2004, 25 of which are destined for the Discovery Channel Canada Fall schedule. Spread over three series, the 25 hours will be found on Ultimate Access (6x60), taking viewers behind the scenes and revealing the technology that drives the fantastic and the familiar; Sex Files (26x30), returning for its fourth season, the sexiest series on television picks up where it left off – taking a lighthearted but sound, scientific look at various aspects of sex; Forensic Factor (6x60) featuring the superstars of forensic science who continue to show off their trade secrets in Season 3.

The remaining seven HD hours, not produced by EPI, but joining the Discovery schedule will be spread over one series and one special. Ultimate Survival: Everest (6x60) reveals the immense physical demands, physiological changes and emotional hardships than one team endures in its efforts to summit the World’s tallest peak. One hour special Lost Nuke (1x60) invites viewers to join an expedition team as it travels to the remote crash site of a Cold War bomber seeking to solve the mystery of the world's first lost nuclear weapon.

With today’s announcement Exploration Production Inc. reinforces its position as a producer of cutting-edge programming and entrenches itself as Canada’s leading producer of High Definition content. Looking ahead, EPI is planning production on three additional series in High Definition. They are Sexual Secrets, Xtremely Wild with Mark Miller and Unwanted in New Zealand. Another seven programs/specials are in development.

"We take great pride in the fact that we're world leaders in television's most exciting development in recent times -- high definition broadcasting," said Paul Lewis, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel. "Our production company, EPI, has a well-deserved international profile for the quality of its HD programming.”

Discovery Channel and sister station TSN were the first two Canadian specialty channels to offer programs in HDTV. They launched in August of 2003.

Bold and leading edge, while informing and entertaining, Discovery Channel is Canada's leading source for factual programming, as it puts a new spin on exploring adventure, science and technology. This award-winning channel covers the scientific beat, from animals to the animalistic side of humanity, from the sea to space, and the latest in innovation. Roper Reports Canada has ranked Discovery Channel Canada first among all English-language Canadian specialty networks for overall quality of programming for eight consecutive years. Discovery Channel is one of the first Canadian specialty channels to offer programs in HDTV and its production house, Exploration Production Inc. (EPI), continues to be internationally recognized as a producer of cutting-edge programming. The channel's Web site may be found at

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