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TORONTO, Sept. 23, 2004 /CNW

The Global Television Network announced today that it plans to broadcast in High Definition Television (HDTV) beginning October 11, 2004. The network will initially offer six hours a week of primetime programming in HDTV. Further HDTV programming will be added to the primetime schedule as it becomes available. "We are very excited about the launch of this outstanding broadcast format," said Doug Bonar, National Vice President, Technology. "We look forward to offering our viewers some of our highly rated, high-quality programs in HDTV."

Global's HDTV programming will be available to Rogers Ontario customers on channel 286 effective October 14, and on ExpressVu channel 801 effective October 11. The Global programs that will be available in HDTV are: Las Vegas - Monday nights LAX - Monday nights Gilmore Girls - Wednesday nights Without a Trace - Thursday nights One Tree Hill - Friday nights Crossing Jordan - Sunday nights A graphic stamp will be used to identify those programs broadcast in HDTV.

As well, will develop a HDTV information page that will outline the Global programs available in HDTV. HDTV offers viewers enhanced picture quality that is five times sharper than standard definition television. HDTV technology provides a superlative viewing and listening experience with up to six channels of audio.

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