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What is Needed to get HDTV


Antennas are required to receive DTV and HDTV signals from satellite and over-the-air (OTA) sources.

The choice of an antenna for OTA reception is complex, as the signal level varies considerably with distance from the transmitter, channel, terrain and location. At the same time, the interference from other stations on the same or adjacent channels varies widely. While over-the-air DTV transmission is far more rugged that analogue NTSC transmission, when it fails, it fails completely and no reception is possible, unlike analogue transmission which simply becomes noisy and distorted.

The OTA reception must be chosen to pick up the desired signal(s) with a good margin to ensure reliable reception under all conditions. In general the following guidelines will provide good reception in most situations.

(a) Close to the transmitter, up to 15 km. An indoor antenna will suffice, as long as the signal is not blocked by large surrounding buildings or terrain. Suitable antennas are available at CE suppliers. A typical indoor antenna is illustrated.

indoor-antenna.jpg (10587 bytes)
Typical Indoor Antenna

(b) In the suburban area, 10 to 30 kms f. From the transmitter, . aA small outdoor antenna will give adequate reception. If the cable from the antenna is over 30 ft in length, the antenna booster amplifier will improve reception, particularly on high UHF channels. Such antennas are available from CE suppliers and a typical unit is illustrated.

amp-antenna.jpg (2867 bytes)
Typical Amplified Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

(c) In rural areas, 25 – 70 kms .distant forom the transmitter, a multi-element outdoor antenna equipped with an antenna amplifier can provide good reception in many cases, where the signal is not blocked by terrain (hills, etc.) Suitable antennas are manufactured by Wade, Winegard (illustrated PR-7015), Channel Master, Antennacraft and others.

winegard.jpg (3878 bytes)
Winegard PR-7015 Outdoor Antenna

Some testing and expert assistance may be needed to select, install and align an appropriate antenna in areas distanced from the transmission site to ensure that it can deliver reliable HDTV reception..

Some satellite antennas now include an optional over-the-air antenna in the package.

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