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What is Needed to get HDTV

Personal Video Recorders (PVR)

The PVR is available as an enhanced STB for satellite or cable reception and allows digital recording of disc (tapeless) of SD and/or HD programs. The PVR offers playback, rewind and fast forward of the material recorded. PVR's are obtainable in both SD and HD formats and some allow recording of both formats, but the HD capacity is much less than for SD. PVR's include an auto-record mode that allows instant replays. The PVR offered for cable, includes the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), enabling the automatic recording of pre-defined shows/episodes or of program types. Some PVR's incorporate dual tuners to enable simultaneous record/playback or PIP.

Typical HD-PVR (Scientific Atlanta SA-8000)
pvr.jpg (12612 bytes)

Copyright and IP concerns may prevent the recording of some VOD and PPV programming and re-transmission of previously recorded material is not permitted. The use of the PVR to record some analog SD programming may introduce some degradation due to the necessary digitalization and compression, particularly on material previously digitized before broadcast. With the current storage capacity being limited, typically 20 hours of HD or 90 hours of SD, their use is more suitable for time-shifting, rather than as program libraries. Interfacing the PVR to a digital VCR to extend the capacity can be implemented but has some stringent protection limitations.

HD PVR's are offered by the major cable companies including Rogers, Videotron, Shaw and Cogeco and by the satellite companies Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice, either on a rental or purchase basis and have proven very acceptable to the existing users. The use of the PVR frees the viewer to set his own schedule and selection.

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