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What is needed to get HDTV

Audio and Home Theatre Systems

HDTV programs are delivered with high quality audio in multi-channel surround sound, known as Dolby Digital AC-3, which can give a theatre-like level of performance when processed through appropriate equipment. Most HD televisions, however, simply process the audio to a stereo L/R mix, possibly with an option to connect the Dolby Digital AC-3 signal through a fiber optic or coaxial cable connection to an external decoder. Similarly, the set-top-box may offer the full 5.1 channels at its output, the encoded Dolby Digital signal or a stereo mix.

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To obtain the full sound performance a full multi-channel decoder is required with the associated 6 speakers (Front L, C, R; Surround L, R; sub-woofer) and their proper installation in a good acoustic environment. surrounding the listeners. If this is achievable, then the investment in high quality receiver decoder/speakers is worthwhile.

Additional satisfaction may be obtained from the exciting HDTV programs by upgrading the home audio/video entertainment system to the Home Theatre level. Even a small to medium size room can provide the ambiance of the movie theatre when thus treated. The Home Theatre system typically includes a large HDTV screen and the high quality multi-channel sound system, supported by PVR, DVD player and other program sources. Frequently, Home Theatre installations may include acoustic treatment, theatre style furnishings and lighting. The Home Theatre allows the viewing of HDTV at its best.

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