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Canadian Digital Television is a not-for-profit Canadian television industry organization dedicated to providing expert information on HDTV implementation in Canada. Our members are drawn from all major segments of the Canadian television industry and we are working together to bring digital and high definition television to you, the Canadian viewing audience, smoothly and rapidly. CDTV's work and the expert resources committed to this activity consider the key aspects of television, including production, distribution, broadcasting and delivery to the home and the necessary professional and consumer equipment. 

CDTV acknowledges gratefully the many contributions and continued support of its members.

Click on their logos to learn more of their products. The links are grouped into:

Programmers, Broadcasters and Distributors

Consumer Equipment Suppliers

Professional Equipment Suppliers


Programmers, Broadcasters and Distributors

Alliance/Atlantis Communications

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Astral Media

Bell ExpressVu

Corus Entertainment




National Film Board of Canada

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CTV Television

Global TV Network

Look Communications

Telesat Canada

Ryerson University

Stonehenge Inc.



Consumer Equipment Suppliers

LG Electronics

Pioneer Electronics


The HDTV Resource

Sharp Electronics

Sony of Canada

Thomson Consumer Elect.

The HDTV Resource

Professional Equipment Suppliers

Rohde & Schwarz

Broadcast Systems Equip.

Larcan Inc.

Novanet/MSC, A division of MSC Electronics Limited


Industry and Governmental Organizations

Industry Canada

Communications Research Center

Cdn. Assoc. of Broadcasters

Cdn. Cable Telecommunications Assoc.

Canadian Satellite Users Association

Canadian Radio-television and  Telecommunications Commission

Canadian Heritage

The HDTV Resource

Supporting Organizations

CE Biz

Davies, Villanueva & Assoc.

Montana Engineering

Over Canada

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