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What is HDTV
comparison.jpg (40754 bytes) High Definition Television, or HDTV, delivers brilliant, high-resolution images in a wide-screen 16X9 format. Ideally suited for a big television, the quality of HDTV is truly outstanding. The key difference between new HDTV and the old analogue NTSC TV we were used to, is that the programs are delivered digitally, by cable, satellite or over-the air transmission. This eliminates the effects of interference, ghosting and noise, and assures perfect images on the screen.

These illustrations contrast HDTV images with those of conventional television, using screens of the same diagonal size. Notice how the wide screen of HDTV gives a better visualization, allowing “I’m There” views of the full scene. Check the off-screen close-ups and see how HDTV delivers more of the crisp fine details that are only blurs in conventional TV. The wide-screen format of HDTV is ideally suited for viewing movies and sports, as more of the action is visible, and is in superior detail. Watching conventional TV will never be the same once you have experienced HDTV on a big wide-screen set.

room-considerations-sm.gif (18496 bytes) HDTV includes Dolby Digital® coding to provide the capability for full surround sound through  5.1 channels, each feeding a separate loudspeaker, using mome theatre amplifier. This gives a dramatic improvement in the quality of the sound and in its impact, further reinforcing the feeling of “Being There” for the viewers, adding another exciting dimension to the HDTV Experience.

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