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Connecting HDTV

Room and Equipment Placement Considerations.

HDTV pictures on a good display have excellent contrast and brightness and provide very true colors. To see them at their best, it is necessary to minimize the level of light (artificial or natural) falling on the screen and to eliminate as much as possible, objects reflected on the screen. HDTV pictures also have a special sense of “being there” when viewed nearer the screen. For instance, with a 50 in. screen, a viewing distance around 7 feet. is optimal. Similarly, for best enjoyment of the 5.1 channel surround sound of Dolby Digital, used with many HDTV programs, the six speakers must be correctly placed and the room be reasonably quiet with low levels of reverberation.

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There will be a number of external components and consideration will need to be given to where these are installed and how the cable runs are to be placed, to the speakers for example. Would you like to install them next to the display or somewhere more out of sight within a cabinet or at the rear of the room for easier access for DVD and VCR loading? Consideration should also be given to remote control as most remotes operate on infrared and require line of sight. As well, if the equipment can be mounted where rear access is possible or failing that a cabinet on wheels. This will make for easier installation and future modifications. It is also recommended that the equipment be located away from sources of heat (ducts, radiators, etc.) and where it is adequately ventilated, as digital and HDTV equipment releases considerably more heat than conventional TV devices. Do not stack equipment and be careful that all openings for ventilation are not obstructed, or located where they will ingress already heated air from other devices. Some experimentation may be required to find the best arrangement in your home.




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