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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/15/2004
12:24 PM
railbake@aol.com wrote on 04/03/14

I am a present ExpressVu customer with the 6000 Receiver and a HDTV Panasonic. I am inquiring about the possibility of HDNET being carried in Canada and if so when?

5:29 PM
lucsky8@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/04/25

Hi, I have an Hitachi 46" 16x9 and 1080i. For now i only have a DVD progressive scan and I watch it in 480p. My question is simple. I want to buy the box 6000 HDTV from Bell ExpressVu.

Do you think i am going to see a difference between watching a DVD in 480p and watching a movie with Bell ExpressVu in 1080i? And will I really receive the movies in 1080i?


Comment from Admin.
The Bell ExpressVu 6000 STB outputs either 720p or 1080i, selectable in the setup menu. I suggest you try both, if your television can handle 720p and choose the one that you find most pleasing. Either will show a marked enhancement of resolution and realism compared to 480p from the DVD. Many programs, both video and film originated, are available on Express VU in true HDTV format and are most impressive.

9:18 PM
bostonpizzamission@hotmail.com wrote on 04/03/19

I have just recently purchased the Bell ExpressVu 6000. My question is concerning HD Channels and programming line ups. I subscribe to VU however the HD channels are not listed. Furthermore, I have checked the programming line up on the web and found that the HD channels are not listed as well. How is one to find out A. the full listing of HD channels offered by Bell, B. the programming line up offered for that month. Any information would be appreciated.

CDTV Admin replies:
The Bell site is a little tricky to navigate. Go to www.bell.ca and follow the links –Residential Ontario – satellite TV – HDTV to get to the main HDTV page. Follow the link HDTV channels for a listing of channels or HDTV program line-up for a listing of current programs. The program guide in the 6000 STB also accesses the program listings more conveniently. See its instruction book for this operation.

6:34 PM
M. Long at Bell ExpressVu replied 040318

ExpressVu has in the past purchased HDNet programming (ie – NHL games) for broadcast on a pay per view basis on Vu!, our own pay per view service. The HDNet channel like all other channels must apply to the CRTC to be included on the list of eligible channels with a license to broadcast in Canada. We are not aware of any applications made by HDNet to the CRTC.

1:22 PM
In the Winnipeg area at present the cable company does not have the capacity for many digital HDTV channels so if you are seeking a full line-up, the satellite approach is the only solution available. Generally, the quality of the satellite and cable pictures from the same source are equivalent, but either may perform rate reduction on the ATSC HD signal to effect bandwidth savings and to increase the number of channels. This may reduce the quality of the HD video to a small degree.

1:14 PM
I currently subscribe to cable and receive only 4 HD channels with whatever the cable company decides to put on them. Although the picture quality is excellent, I sometimes wish I had more choice of programming. So should I switch over to Bell Expressvu, or should I wait until the cable company gets around to supplying more channels. They claim they eventually will have all the digital channels. Question is then, which source gives the better picture, cable or satellite ??

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