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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/15/2004
11:49 AM
klougheed@microworks.ca wrote on 04/03/14

I finally decided to take the plunge and move up to HDTV with my Bell Expressview system. I want to be sure to get a system with up to date technology so what do I need?
My display takes 1080i but not 720p. Should I worry?:
I read that DVI is the interface of the future;
I read that new satellite receivers in the US also include OTA reception;
Is there a way to buy a new technology receiver and use it with my Bell Expressview system?

4:27 PM
Nhammer1@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/03/27

Bell ExpressVu for condos

I am interested in ExpressVu for condos. My new condo supports this service, however at present HDTV is not available with this service. Does anyone know when it will be?

7:10 PM
Help Needed!!

Dear members,

I am working on a project where I have to test up to 100 LNBs at the same time, indoors.
I am given many LNB’s and have only one receiver.
Normally when I want to check if LNB is working I just connect it to the dish and find the bird. If I get the picture it is working otherwise it is not.
I don’t know how to approach this problem, if you have any suggestions please respond.

1) how do I generate indoor signal that would simulate the satellite source
Of course the power needed would be very small.
2) How do I connect all the LNB’s to one receiver.
I understand that 22KHz signal is used to switch between the receivers, but I am not 100% clear on that concept.

If you have ANY suggestions please respond. Thank you for your help


Comment from Admin.

Any suggestions??

12:26 PM
Bell uses similar equipment as the U.S. DishNetwork, the latter offers a receiver that has 480p,720p, 1080i digital outputs it also has standard TV S-video output, a 250GB hard drive PVR, and an integrated OTA tuner all for US$549. All SD programming can be up converted or HD programming down converted to either output. See www.dishnetwork.com and follow links to DishPLayer DVR 921. The question is when will Bell Expressvue offer their equivalent of this? (Can Bell comment please?).

6:54 AM
Brian.ashcroft@sympatico.ca wrote on 2021/11/22

HDTV-PVR I an really impressed with the ExpressVu HDTV content especially the NFL games, When will Bell introduce the combination receiver HDTV/PVR . I purchased the 6100 because I was told it had Interactive TV capability but this was false adverising on Bell’s part. I am assuming that the Combo receiver will have this capability.

Comment from Admin.

Bell is offering the 5220 PVR at present which gives up to 120 hours of SD recording but cannot handle HD. An HD PVR has been announced for the end of this year. It is not clear if any ITV capability will be included.

11:29 AM
Galeken\vin@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/11/04


Why when I watch an HDTV broadcast through my satellite provider are there black sides on the left and right of the picture?

Comment from Admin.

In the absence of specific information regarding the satellite provider and the associated Set-top Box (STB), I can only offer a few possibilities.

(a) Much of the material shown on the HDTV channels is up-converted from conventional TV, which is in an aspect ratio of 4 units wide by 3 units high. When this picture is displayed fully on an HDTV display having that is 16 units wide by 9 units high, then the R/L edges of the screen are not filled, resulting in black bars. If the program is originated in HDTV then it will fill the screen, so on these programs your problem should not exist.
(b) If all programs, without exception, show black bars, then you may have your STB set to convert all programs to 4:3 aspect ratio. Check the set-up menu of your STB to be sure it is set for a 16:9 display.
(c) Check the set-up menu of your TV display to be sure it is not set to convert all programs to 4:3.

Hope this helps.

9:59 PM
bruce_scott wrote on 2021/09/13

I'm on StarChioce satelite and have a Sylvannia OTA set top box. I tried passing the SC signal through the OTA box and for the regular channels I got an out put, i.e. 299 and up,but I lost the satellite signal for the SC HD channels.
Any suggestions if this should work.

Comment from Admin.

Don’t know, but will contact Star Choice for a comment

11:21 PM
Majid_ra@yahoo.com wrote on 2021/06/24

Recently I bought a HDTV ready ,I want to know if I want to use existing digital satellite receiver
is it possible to use a seperate set top box to conect and watch HD broadcasting channels on satellite, If yes what's brand name top box

Comment from Admin.

While it is technically feasible to use two STB’s, it would be more practical to use only the HD STB, which handles both HD and SD and performs the necessary conversions to match either signal to the chosen display, HD in this case. For ExpressVu the HD STB is the model 6000.

4:43 PM
Leroyandflor@sympatico.ca wrote on 2021/06/22

Why don't we get the full 16x9 during the day time on Canadian HD? I don't see it at all on TSN,City,or Discovery. I heard that Nimiq2 has an accident and now 5 of its transponders are not working.

Comment from Admin.

Bell ExpressVu advises that during the day much of the program material is derived from up-converted SD, which is in 4:3 aspect ratio. Thus the picture does not fill the whole screen. As more HD originated material becomes available, this minor annoyance will become less of a problem.

Yes, Nimiq2 has lost a solar panel and thus cannot use 6 of its transponders.

6:45 PM
Tree51@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/06/22

What is the standard signal transmitted from a 3100 Bell ExpressVu reciever to the tv.
i.e 480p or 480i

Comment from Admin.

Normally 480i for SD televisions. 480p is generally reserved for HD capable televisions.

6:37 PM
Murray.smith6@sympatico.ca wrote on 2021/06/22

i have a 50" soni wide screen.i have just had a bell ex 6000 receiver installed.whenever i switch to an hd channel the screen has two grey bars that reduce the width of the picture. they do not appear on non hd channels help.

Comment from Admin.

The Aspect Ratio setting in the System Setup menu on the 6000 STB is incorrect, set to 4:3 instead of 16:9. Go to MENU – SYSTEM SETUP – INSTALLATION-HDTV SETUP – ASP. RATIO and change it. Then SAVE the setting. Should be ok.

12:03 PM
richard.pavia@csc.com wrote on 2021/05/10

I have and Advent 34 inch HDTV connected to Bell model6000 receiver using the 3 cables Red,Blue and Green. When I watch any channel the contrast level changes between normal and high every 2 or three seconds. Some shows do this , some other do not. I cannot specifically pin point it to only one or two channels. It happens on any channel, whenever it wants. Is it a problem with the TV, My cables, or Bell ExpressVu.. I have two model 6000 boxes they both do the same problem. I purchased Very expensive Monster cables,, that do not help. What could the problem be???

Comment from Admin:

From your note, where you say you have connected 3 cables, it appears that you have connected the Y, Pr, Pb output of the ExpressVu 6000 STB to a Y, Pr, Pb input of the TV. The Y signal carries the H and V synchronizing information, which can be set to 1080i or 720p in the HDTV Set Up menu. Check in that menu that you have selected Y, Pr, Pb and that the Advent monitor is also set to Y, Pr, Pb and the same scanning format, be it 1080i or 720p. If the problem persists, connect an XGA computer monitor to the 15 pin RGB connector on the 6000 STB and select RGB in the HDTV menu. If this is ok, then we need a little more info on the capabilities of the Advent unit.

Good luck and keep us posted on progress.

7:34 PM
The Bell ExpressVu 6000 satellite STB provides components in Y, Pr, Pb form at either 720p or 1080i selectable in the set-up menu. It does not provide DVI or HDMI digital outputs at present.

There is an option for the 6000 to include an OTA ATSC card. Contact ExpressVu for availability on this an new enhancements, such as HD and SD Personal Video Recorders (PVR’s).

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