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HDTV Owner & Disapointed > What's wrong > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by oldest posting on top
cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 02/15/2004
10:16 PM
Sorry to hear that your HDTV experience is off to a bad start. It is certain that the best pictures and sound will be from HD sources, such as CITY-HD off-air, a US channel off-air, ExpressVu HD or the HD digital channels on Rogers Cable, when HD originated programs are broadcast. Up-converted SD programs may not give you the HD experience you seek. Your receiver may also up-convert other SD or NTSC programs to the HD screen format, but obviously, cannot bring them up to HD quality.

If you can provide a little more information about your equipment and the sources of your programs, I expect that we could zero in on the apparent difficulty more precisely.

Good luck with your HDTV.

10:32 PM
TVHD avec le convertisseur 6100 Bell ExpressVue: Je ne crois pas être le seul à observer que la qualité technique de l'image sur les canaux SD est tout à fait innapceptable. La qualité en HD est de bonne qualité (surtout sur PBS). J'utilise évidemment des cables "composantes vidéo" pour que la qualité soit à son maximun en HD, mais pour syntoniser les stations SD, je dois utilisé les cable "S-Video" et même encore le cable vidéo ordinaire RCA. Faut-il acheter 2 convertiseurs, un pour la HD et l'autre pour la SD ou changer de cables à chaque fois? Pourtant, mon autre convertiseur Bell 4700, la qualité en SD est impécable. Alors Monsieur B. que se passe-t-il donc, les stations SD sont là pour encore un bon bout de temps. En passant, les stations en HD, l'image est en HD si les émissions ne sont pas en NTSC, 525 lignes au départ. Les convertir en HD améliore pas beaucoup le vidéo. Merci
Bernard ve2sms@videotron.ca

9:32 PM
Well, I think I can add my 0.02 here.
I have a Panasonic CT34WX50, and Samsung HLN567W, considered to be the best in HDTV technology currently available.
On HDTV feeds from my bell model 6000 the picture is absolutely stunning on a true HDTV broadcast.
When viewing a SDTV signal being broadcast on the HDTV channels, it is verg good. However, when watching any of the non-hd channels, using the componet cables (and the receiver set to either 1080i or 720p) it looks like total crap. Very soft picture. I made a second connection using the S video cable to a second input on the televisions.
I now manually switch between the HD output for true HD programs, and the SD output for everything else. When watching standard def on the standard output it is superrior to watching the same SD channel on the HD componet outputs, and this is because the up converter in the model 6000 receiver is not very good.

On another note, I also have cable TV, as there are about 7 televisions in the house and only 2 satellite receivers (both 6000's). The picture from the local channels on cable going through the tuner is better on cable than it is on satellite.
Yes, the satellite signal has no noise, whereas the cable signal being analog is a little noisier, but it has much more detail. The sat picture is so soft it is almost a joke. Looks like it was recorded on a VHS recorder set to EP and played back. That much of a difference between digital sat and analog cable.

I hear this every day on my job too. Everyone expected that their new satellite dish that I just installed would deliver a far superrior picture to what they were getting on cable. Well, perhaps on an old TV it looks better, but on a good TV, the TV is so good it shows up the crap, over compressed low resolution picture even more.

7:50 AM
Hi, Simply Put if I can, with the offering of so many channels by tv providers they are using "compression" to "squeeze so many channels within a certain bandwith available. The result is an "out of focus" picture, "pixalation" and even bad sound. Your TV is giving you exactly what it is receiving. HDMI connectors which are backward compatible with DVI connection (should your tv and set top equipment allow) would carry the HDTV signal uncompressed. I have found on some channels that standard analog cable can give a better picture than some Directv stations. Explore the said above connections and see if that helps. Best of Luck.

10:36 PM
First off not even the highest quality cable will solve your problem. The problem lies in the compression used for DTV. Images from DTV, either ExpressVu, Starchoice or Rogers Digital cable are going to be compressed images using MPEG2. MPEG2 is the same compression scheme used in DVD production. However DVDs use a much higher bit rate (10 mega bits max). DTV uses a much lower bit rate (3 mega bits max). With this lower bit rate you’ll probably notice a lot of “compression artifacts” in scenes containing fog or slow dissolves, sometimes-dark scenes or even slight changes in colour such as a blue sky. Conversely, HD from any source will also be compressed using MPEG2. However the deciding factor is once again how many megabits are used. HD uses a much higher bit rate than DVDs thus an exceptional quality image containing up to five times the resolution of standard 525 line signals. I have both Rogers Analog Cable and a DirecTV satellite receiver (same picture quality as our Canadian DTV broadcasters). The analog signal far surpasses the DTV signals. One of the trade-offs of using analog cable however is the lack of 5.1 surround sound Something to note: I do use a high quality video amplifier (100$) I purchased from a high end A/V retailer to improve signal strength and reduce some of the noise in the analog signal. My HD signals comes from a Rogers Digital Cable box and look absolutely stunning on my 40” Sony XBR HDTV.

11:39 AM
When I got my Samsung 53" HD set and hooked up regular cable to it, it became unwqatchable in a matter of seconds. These large TVs are just not designed to watch standard definition programs. Even an "all-digital" signal from ExpressVu or digital cable does not guarantee better picture, it just means that the analogue signal has been compressed using one of the MPEG algorythims before being broadcast to the originating broadcastors satellite distribution system. If you get true HD programming or even watch a DVD ona a progressive scan player using compnonet video inputs on your set, you will quickly see the difference.... and the amazing lack of quality we have been watching with our $1000 tv sets for the past 50 years!

10:30 AM
just to prove everybodys point buddy, i have expressvu (6000 reciever) and directv (samsung ts-160)and a toshiba 65" cinema series rptv and i gotta say that after over one year with hd, it still impresses me to no end.

you definently have a problem at your end. tell us more and i'm sure your problems will be fixed easily.

9:37 PM
HI there, there are a couple of things that go hand in hand with getting the best picture quality possible. First of all, you've got an amazing hdtv in the Toshiba. Now, on your set you have 2 set of "component" inputs for video. (red, blue, green) and these two sets of inputs are designed specifically for DVD and HDTV. In order to receive an HD signal, you do require an external decoder from your cable / satellite service provider. I would also mention that it is imperative that you purchase 2 sets of high grade video cables because the picture is only as good as what you use to connect it to the tv. If you would like any further info or recommendations on types of cables to use just send me an email.
Take care and enjoy that amazing tv.
PS - I'm looking at buying the Toshiba 51"!

10:09 PM
You mention a digital box but is it HD decoding ie Bell Exspressview HD box is a model 6000 not there digital 5100 or 5800 boxes make sure you have the right decoding box,
all the best, when you see true HD all else pales in comparison

8:35 PM
There are many reasons why u may be dissappointed in your reception, with none of them being unfixable! Your new HD set should bring u an awsome video picture if u want get back to me or leave another post and we will get to the bottom of your problem, it should be fairly easy once we know how u are connected and the equipment u are using. Good luck, hope I may be of help if u need it.

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