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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/22/2004
9:37 PM
Comments on connecting the DVD to the HD Television

9:52 PM
shawdave@hotmail.com wrote on 04/03/22

I have a Phillips 55PW9363 HDTV Monitor, as well as a Phillips progressive scan DVD, and Bell ExpressVu 3100 receiver. I also bought a S-video and monster cable for the DVD, now what I want to know is why is the picture quality way better when I watch a DVD compared to if I was the satellite. My other question is can I receive HDTV through my DVD, and my last question is can I watch the satellite through the DVD. These may sound like dumb questions, but I am very new to this and am learning. Thank you very much

Comment from Admin.

I presume that you have connected the DVD to the HD monitor as 480p component (Y, Pr, Pb), which can give very good picture quality, as you note. DVDís are mostly derived from 35 mm motion picture film, which is as good or better than HD quality. The 3100 STB on the other hand is only an SD device and the SD or NTSC program material is compressed to fit the available satellite channel, resulting in some potential loss of quality. The ExpressVu 6000 STB would give you access to HD programs on the satellite and you would find them even better than your DVD. At present DVDís do not offer HD capability, though it will soon be available. The DVD player offers no satellite viewing possibility. Glad that you are enjoying your new toys.

6:24 AM
Samsung has a DVD player (DVDHD931) that will connect using a DVI connector. It will play back regular DVDs in 'near' HD quality. It definitely is better than any other DVD on the market. Apparently it is able to upconvert from the 480p authoring to 720p near perfectly since it does not have to do a digital to analogue back to digital conversion.

4:59 PM
This is a question not a reply.
Since most HDTV and EDTV sets already upscaling 480i and 480p signals to their native resolution, is there any point in changing a perfectly good DVD player that already provides component video output to a progressive scan DVD player with component output? Does it really matter whether it is the DVD player or the TV set which does the upscaling?

9:37 PM
blues_monster9@yahoo.ca wrote on 2022/01/01

Help: older DVD Player (480i) to new HDTV (720p) My new Sony 42" RP LCD HDTV (KFE42A10) has a native resolution of 720p. The TV has 3:2 pulldown detection. I'll be using component cable to connect my older Pioneer DVD player to the Sony HDTV.

Here are my questions: I'm almost certain that my older Pioneer DVD player (model DV-525) does 480i and 576i. Will this affect PQ with new TV? Should I invest in a new DVD player that does 720p?

I can't comment on PQ yet as I haven't received my Sony
42" HDTV - it gets delivered next week.

Comment from Admin.

Yes, I would recommend replacement of the DVD player by a new machine capable outputting 480p or even better 720p. Good DVDís in either of these formats produce superb pictures on the HD screen.

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