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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 04/04/2021
1:28 PM
Optimum viewing conditions

1:29 PM
John Hobard hobie@tdsb.on.ca wrote on 040325

TV Viewing Distance With more and more HDTV channels becoming available soon from StarChoice, Sportsnet, TSN, City-TV, CTV and Global-TV, along with their vast present U.S. Networks, my question about HDTV is this .... can we sit closer to a HDTV than our anolog TV ???

The rule was "two and a half times" the diagonal size of the screen, was the proper viewing distance back in feet from the TV.

Does this math format for viewing distance change for HDTV, be it a LCD or Plasma HDTV ???

Thank you ..... James Hobart

Comment from Admin.

The optimum viewing distance for HDTV is determined to be from 3 to 5 times screen height by a number of subjective assessments performed in testing laboratories, such as CRC in Ottawa. Thus a 42 in. diagonal, wide-screen HD television, having a screen height of 20.6 in. is best viewed at a distance of five to nine feet. LCD, plasma and DLP televisions all use progressive scan, but this rule still applies, as it is concerned primarily with the screen resolution. A discussion of installation considerations is found in the Connecting HDTV part of this site.

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