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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 04/26/2004
7:18 PM
usc@golden.net wrote on 2021/04/16

Is it possible to get DVI out to a big screen with non DVI in? Are there any adaptors available?

Admin comment.

Digital inputs to HD televisions are in the process of moving to the HDMI standard which uses a smaller connector than DVI and includes digital audio, missing from DVI. The data is encrypted to the HDCP standard to protect content in digital form. Interfacing DVI and HDMI is feasible, but I am not aware of any converter from DVI or HDMI to component analog form, RGB or Y, Pr, Pb.

4:00 PM
For a range of DVI adapters, look at www.dvigear.com. Note that scaling may be needed to go between computer display standards and those of HDTV displays.

6:28 AM
All of the inputs prior to DVI were analogue outputs, so there is not backward compatible accessory that will take your big screen to DVI.

3:50 PM
gtullis@shaw.ca wrote:

I've just bought a DLP projection unit, and plan to watch HDTV and DVDs with it. It doesn't have HDCP ability and I'm a little worried that it may become obsolete. I've been told I'll be able to watch (in the future) an HDCP encoded program/DVD as long as I use component cables. Is this correct?

Comment from Admin.

HDCP coding is used to secure the digital data flowing in a DVI/HDMI digital interconnection. If the video/audio information is in analog component form (RGB or Y, Pr, Pb), it is in the clear. Thus your component interconnection should work fine and the only potential problem would be in a digital interconnection with the STB or other device.

10:53 AM
ctyko@canada.com wrote on 2021/02/18

HDMI Hookup & DVI I'm awaiting delivery of a Sony KDF55WF655 (Grand Wega LCD rear Proj). This unit sports an "HDMI" connector.

As a Videotron - Montreal subscribed I'm under the impression that the only HD Recorder being offered is Scientific Atlanta's 8000 series which sports a "DVI" connector (but NOT an HDMI)

Question: Using a DVI to HDMI cable can I hook up the Scientific Atlanta 8000's DVI to the Sony's HDMI? I understand it won't carry the audio, but what about the video? Will it be as good as an HDMI to HDMI connection?

I was under the impression that DVI to HDMI cables were meant to go from cable boxes with HDMI (i.e. Scientific Atlanta's 8300 series) to a set with DVI. But will it work the other way around?

Does anyone know if you can get the 8300 HD DVR in Montreal? Or are they coming anytime soon?

Comment from Admin.

DVI and HDMI are compatible as far as the digital video connection is concerned but obviously DVI lacks the audio capability. Thus the DVI port on the SA-8000 once activated, should be connectable with the adapter cable to the Sony HDMI port. Audio will have to be connected from the regular outputs of the SA-8000.

7:23 PM
Baleem59@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/03/20

I have a 50" LG HD Plasma unit that is now around 2 years old. It has DVI but no HDCP. I watch High Definition programs through the component output of my Rogers digital box.

Is it possible to incorporate HDCP for my Plasma through an add-in unit? Is there a solution?

Comment from Admin.

HDCP (HD Content Protection) is an essential part of the HD digital interface, be it in DVI or HDMI form. If the receiver cannot provide the necessary protection, then no signal can pass. The use of an external box to defeat this is not an attractive solution. Best to stay with the analog component signals, which provide an excellent picture, I am sure, on this unit.

8:21 PM
Baleem59@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/03/20

I want to know which interface is better DVI or HDMI

Comment from Admin.
DVI and HDMI share the same coding and signal characteristics for the video signals, but DVI does not include digital audio. The HDMI connector is smaller and lower cost than the DVI connector, making HDMI popular with the CE industry, who created it. Likely, all future HD televisions will migrate to HDMI. Within the limitation noted, DVI connections and HDMI connections can be satisfactorily interconnected with suitable cables.
For digital television application, the signals passing through either interface are protected by the HDCP protocol between the sending device (e.g. the Set Top Box) and the receiving device (e.g. the display).

10:31 PM
ok im not sure if im in the rigtht topic here but i have a hopefully simple question that anyone can answer well my girls dad juss bought a sony HDTV and for best quality with HDTV which connection should he be useing ,r.g.b, hdmi, dvi, s-video, or any other connection... any help would be greatly appreciated... thanx alot

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