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HDTV Coverage > OTA HDTV in Markham > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 05/06/2021
2:36 PM
edwardcarey@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/05/05

Can I receive OTA HDTV in Markham area ???

Comment from Admin.

In the Markham (North Toronto) area the local HDTV channels, 53 (CITY-HD) and 66 (Toronto 1-HD) should be readily receivable, especially if a simple outdoor antenna is used. Reception of US border stations may also be feasible, depending on the surrounding terrain in your area. Other threads in this section also contain useful information on HDTV coverage.

12:38 PM
Since the last reply earlier this year, what additional local OTA HD channels would now be available in the GTA?

7:37 PM
I live in Stouffvile, and as of Sept 2005, I can pick up ABC,NBC,CBS (on 4.1,.2 and 23.1,.2) FOX, PBS, CBC, CITY, and Toronto-1 of tower antena. All of these stations have a strong signal to them.

CTV worked for me for a week, (chan 40-1), but has again disappeared. I suspect a cabling issue on my end since I have a few splitters on the line between the antenna and TV.

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