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hackinsat@hotmail.com 05/30/2004
8:34 PM
Only if the local cable company uses cablecard technology to carry the HDTV channels.
The local cable company to me uses Motorola, which means a converter no matter what type of TV you have.

10:34 AM
K4kman@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/10/02

CableCards in Canada

I would like to know when/If we will see these in Canada. I have been looking at all the new TV's and they now have this CableCard slot that would be nice not to have to use box to get HD
PC world had a nice article about this

but again they don't talk about Canada
I am a Rogers customer but of course they say they don't have any plans for this

Comment from Admin.

The current CableCard technology implemented in the latest HDTV’s provides only for one way (system to home) security control. A second version providing two way control and thus allowing fully interactive services is in the planning stage. The Canadian cable industry is thus going very cautiously in implementing what may well prove to be an interim step along the road to a fully functioned Plug-and-Play HDTV.

I will solicit comments from CCTA and from Rogers here and post them when received.

8:51 PM
Comment from Rogers Cable, 2004/10/19.

It is worth noting that the current CableCard technology provides only one way communication from the headend to the STB and hence does not allow customer access to VOD, SVOD, Pay Per View and interactive services. CableCard TVs are expected to be available in Canada in late 2004, early 2005. Rogers recently received a CableCard enabled TV to test on their network, and are planning to launch CableCard in Q1-2005.

3:03 PM
Is there any chance we can get an update on this?

I am sure Rogers is moving very slow as the extra services like PPV and movie on demand are all extra charge services.

It would still be very nice to recive HDTV without the box this would let us have HDTV picture in picture and things like that at a very low cost to us the customer

Everyone talks about HDTV but most don't buy the 300 - 500 doller box to really get it.
If we could get it for $2/ month then I think you would see alot more go for it but when you look at monthly charges of renting boxes at $10+ it's one thing to get the tv but another to be able to afford programming.

The last post talked about 1st/qt 2005 and as such it's here but yet I called rogers and they no nothing at all.


9:34 PM
Update on Cable Ready and CableCard
Rogers Cable advise that at May 9 they are still testing the CableCard technology and have yet to determine an on-air date for its use. Seems Cable Ready HD televisions will have to wait a little longer to achieve their full potential.

2:52 AM
I am in vancouver BC.I have shaw as a cable provider.I asked when or if they would be providing CableCard tech.There answer was .Shaw has no plans to use cableCards now or anytime soon.I have run into salesmen telling me that they read it was to be avalibal fall 2006 in vancouver.Also few salesmen say maybe by 2009 .So why bother to get a ccHDTV now?Where do they get this info?

12:06 PM
Aurora Cable Internet said at last year's Aurora home show (spring 2005 - Aurora Ontario) that they would be offering Cablecard soon. At this year's show (April 2006), ACI said they know many subscribers have bought TVs in anticipation of the cards (paying more for Cablecard TVs) but said that the availability date is unknown - "sometime later this year" said one of the women spinning their lottery game at the ACI exhibit. Not sure what the delay is - but evidently, they have customers who were promised the cards and are now under pressure to follow-through.

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