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patbutton@rogers.com 06/08/2021
6:34 AM
I believe Rogers is planning on providing cards, there will be a cost since you are still renting the service. Be careful however, as this comes with a cost of decreased service levels. WIthout a set top box, you wont get an electronic program guide from the cable company, you wont be able to access PPV or VOD either. It is an excellent feature though if you wish to put a flat panel on the wall without cluttering it with boxes. To that end though double check to insure that the set you look at doesnt have a seperate media box, meaning you are still saddled with connecting a box with wires from your beautiful flat panel tv.

1:12 AM
I'm hoping Videotron will start providing Cablecards soon. Why would there be a cost for the cards? The cable companies should be happy to just hand out a card and not have to subsidize receivers.

I view Cablecard as an advantage since my new TV has a firewire output to allow recording to D-VHS while there currently aren't any firewire STBs in Canada.

It seems the only thing I would be missing is VOD. PPV could still be ordered by phone and the TV I'm planning on getting shows a cable program guide, even though it isn't the cable co's one.

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