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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 06/18/2004
5:39 PM
Comment from Admin.

The bit rates for the video and audio transmissions on cable, satellite and over-the-air transmission are very similar for most content. HD video requires at least 13 Mbps for reasonable quality using current coding techniques (MPEG-2). The choice between cable, satellite and possible off-air depends more on the availability of HDTV programming in your area and its cost. In many parts of Canada, a full range of HD programming may only be available on satellite, as the cable industry moves to upgrade systems to get the digital capacity needed for HD. In major centers, (Toronto, Montreal, etc.), the choice will be mainly one of cost and convenience.

4:12 PM
I find very weird that close to nobody here, except Admin, is talking about main HDTV criteria which is exact quality of signals.I have quite an experience with it over various satellite platforms, mostly Canadian and US, and will surely share thoughts.
First of all our providers such as Express Vu are having very low bitrates on most HD channels due to insufficient capacity of their 15mbit carrier per one frequency where two or three 720p or 1080i channels are put resulting in about 7.5mbit per channel max!As you can see it's, at least, two times less than required when 13mbit won't give you amazingly clear picture at some picture bits as well.
Most other HD sat signals aren't free as well and have nearly same problem with lack of bandwith and couple of times less bitrate due to that, except about two C band carriers of CBS that are listed to have amazing bitrate and free to air (unchecked by me).Details by your country at www.lyngsat.com I would say it's not worth your penny nor equipment bought by now if you concidered going with sat.
Other and, probably, most worthy idea is to try off air HD in your city if you're in Canada.By now you can get almost everything that's available on PPV basis and with lower quality on sats/cable but with your old antenna and for free, if you're able to pick those signals up that is.Only thing you loose is few PPV movie channels that aren't that great concerning quality/content by now.
QUESTION TO ADMIN: I would really like to know bitrate details of Toronto/Buffalo, etc transmitted channels because that's what not listed anywhere and is my key point of getting HDTV-T (Off Air) or not.Would really appreciate that info and thank you in advance!

9:23 PM
psono@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/08/27

The question I have is I just purchased a Sony grand wega LCD projection/ HD monitor TV
42", and I have the Rogers 3250 but the problem I am facing is that the picture quality is poor on a majority of the channels now I did not subscribe to any HDTV channels for now but I was hoping that just on the basic channels that the picture qulity would be A 1. What I would like to know would it be better if I went with Bell because they are transmitting a satalite signal? if somebody could help me it would be great.

Comment from Admin.
Now that you have an HD cable box and a fine HD display, I cannot imagine what you are waiting for before you subscribe to some HD channels and see how well HD really works. On both cable and satellite, SD pictures displayed on an HD television are never really good quality, as the HD display reveals all the little faults and artifacts that are invisible in an SD display. Have alook at the HD barker channel (free on Rogers Cable) and you will see some idea of how HD works. The quality of HD on both cable and satellite is roughly the same, so choose the one that delivers the channels you want to watch in HD at the best price. Good watching HD.

9:19 PM
Hi, I'm doing a presentation about HD channels and programation. I haven't been able to find information concerning the bit rate of different companies. Most of the people have told me that by cable you are able to get a better quality, something to do with the limits of bandwith of satellite versus cable. Do you hapen to have any kind of data regarding the quality of the signal that the main companies in Quebec(Bell, Star choice, Videotron)?

Thanks in advance!

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