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chris@supermegaultragroovy.com 06/22/2004
12:09 PM
Does anyone know where I can purchase an ATSC-capable off-air receiver in Ontario? Somewhere in the Kitchener-Waterloo area would be preferred.


4:06 PM
fraserm@mac.com wrote on 2021/08/21

I'm curious if you know anything about Look Digital TV in Ontario? Although Look is only SDTV resolution at the moment, it is broadcast OTA with an antenna fed into an RCA STB. Should I be able to record the digital signal directly to a PC by shelving the STB and using the MMDS output from the antenna?

Comment from Admin.

The Look TV signals are carried on a microwave RF signal and are demodulated and recovered in the set-top box. Only at this point (i.e. the output of the STB) is there a useful signal to connect to your computer. See http://www.look.ca/page.asp?intNodeID=2430 for a summary of the transmission process.

11:10 AM
aepkenhaus@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/05/17

4:3 Television
When the complete change over of HD TV happens, will the regular 4:3 televisions still work?
Also when is the exact date of complete change over suppose to happen?
Please let me know.

Comment from Admin.
The changeover you refer to is the date at which all broadcast over-the-air TV transmissions will become digital and the current NTSC analog services are eliminated. This date is still some way into the future and no specific date has been set in Canada, though in the USA there does exist a schedule but it is dependent on obtaining a high percentage (85%) of TV homes with at least one digital TV. We are a long way from there at present, though satellite is already there and cable is working hard to achieve full digital coverage. They are dependent on a set-top box in the consumer’s home to decode the digital signal and to convert it to a form suitable for the TV set, likely analog NTSC, analog HDTV or possibly digital TV. When over-the-air broadcasting achieves fully digital operation and the analog channels disappear, then a suitable set-top box could be used to decode the signals and to output analog NTSC or HD in the same way and any existing receiver or recorder could connect to the NTSC analog output and continue operation. The quality would be constrained by the connection and somewhat less than a fully digital set but definitely usable. The STB would convert the 16:9 aspect ration video to a letter-box 4:3 for the current TV. Such STB’s already exist from a number of manufacturers, including Samsung, LGE, Thomson/RCA and others but are not yet widely distributed in Canada.

11:58 AM
doug.burnett@rogers.com wrote on 2021/06/18

Set top Boxes for Off Air Reception
There are a number of models of off air receivers available in the US but when I contacted Samsung they indicated their products are not available in Canada because of the CRTC preventing them from selling them. Is this right? Why?
Do the CRTC and Satellite/cable companies have an arrangement to force us to buy the monthly services even though I can see the CN tower broadcasting point from my house?

Comment from Admin.

No, the CRTC has little to say on the CE hardware front but should have much to say on the implementation of DTV and HDTV in Canada. Sadly, this has not been the case and the rate of progress has lagged. CE vendors are thus reluctant to inventory products for which there are few services available and where sales are thus unpredictable.

OTA set-top boxes are available from a number of vendors but an Internet purchase or a trip to NiagaraFalls/Buffalo is required to get one. Some integrated receivers are available in the leading CE stores in Canada however, as they find wider usage. Once a better volume of HDTV services is available OTA things might become simpler.

11:27 AM
We are starting to see some ATSC receivers available through the Internet. moregadgets.ca has some.

Time will bring prices down, hopefully...

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