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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 07/29/2004
3:59 PM
Ali.daneshvar@sympatico.ca wrote on 2021/07/20

I have a HDTV. I connected it to my cable the same cable I had with my ordinary tv. Now I wanna know how I can get HD shows on this tv , is there a special cable or satelite I should get to get HD preview or the ordinary cable I have is it?

Reply from Admin.

To get HDTV on your new HD television, you will need a set-top box connected either to an off-air antenna, the cable system or to a satellite antenna. At present, off-air signals are available only in Toronto and Vancouver or from cross-border American stations, such as Buffalo or Detroit. Major cable systems, such as Rogers, Videotron and Shaw offer HDTV services. Bell ExpressVu offers a large bouquet of HDTV service. Look at their respective web site for services available in your area and choose the service provider most convenient for you.

10:10 AM
whitbybob@rogers.com wrote on 2021/10/05

Do I need an STB for each piece of equipment I want to use? If I have 4 VCRs taping at once do I need an STB for each plus my TV as well?

Comment from Admin.

Each STB is capable of receiving and processing the signal for a single program. Some newer devices though do allow processing of a second program at low resolution for VCR recording. Each STB generally has HDTV outputs in either digital (HDMI or DVI) format and analog outputs in Y, Pr, Pb or RGB (XGA) format, though possibly not simultaneously. The monitor/HD television often has a monitor output also for recording. You may then be able to record and view the same program simultaneously and if multiple copies are needed for multiple machines then a V/A distribution amplifier would be needed. If you wish to record multiple programs simultaneously, then multiple STB’s will be required.

hugh.mcpherson@hydroone .com
1:55 PM
I have an HD ready TV, but it does not have a tuner, I have been told by retailers that you can not get the STB's to receive OTA in Canada, is this true and if so how much are they in the States

11:29 AM
bschroeder@emtcorp.com wrote on 2021/04/25

HD Set-top-box
I want to receive HD signals OTA in Toronto - where can I find a set-top-box? I know I can get a cable HD box from Rogers, or a satellite HD Box from ExpressVu, but I want to see the free OTA channels in HD Format.

Comment from Admin.
OTA Set Top boxes are available from Samsung, RCA/Thomson, LGE and Zenith among others. The LGE LST-4200A or its later equivalent LST-3410 (with PVR) or LST-3100 produces excellent results. Suggest you contact LGE directly to see what can be done. OTA Set Tops Boxes are available from retailers in the USA and a drive to Niagara Falls or Buffalo may also be a simple solution from Toronto.

6:54 PM
According to the National Association of Broadcasters, quite a few stations in Syracuse and Watertown New York are now broadcasting digitally. One would think that there would therefore be sufficient potential demand for OTA STB's in Kingston, Ont for them to be made available there. Is this the case?

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire Qc

0:24 AM
With reference to my post of April 28, surely there is someone in Kingston, Ontario who reads this board and can answer my question: Are there any retail outlets in Kingston where one can purchase an OTA set-top box?

If not, why not? Stations in Syracuse and Watertown, New York have been broadcasting into the Kingston area since the early 1950's, some of them years before CKWS TV first started broadcasting on Channel 11 in December 1954. Now many of them are broadcasting digitally. The programming is there, where are the STB's?

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire, Qc

11:50 AM
To the best of my knowledge, an ATSC set-top box is not available either in Kingston or Toronto from the electronic retailers. To be sure, there are good DTV signals available from both Canadian and US channels in Toronto and from Watertown in Kingston. Antennas are also a problem area, as in both cities it is necessary to use an outdoor antenna with a little directivity and gain to get a good reception. A drive to Niagara Falls/Buffalo or to Syracuse, respectively, is currently the simplest solution.The CE manufacturers and retailers must have their own reasons for this situation but there are certainly good potential markets in both areas.

I am in Kingston and get excellent HD signals on my set-top boxes by Samsung and LG/Zenith.

10:50 PM
alandla@eastlink.ca wrote on 2021/10/14

HDTV with or without tuner I live on PEI and we only have 3 possible stations that can be picked up over the air (CBC, CTV, Global).
Since I need a cable connection and HDTV set top box anyway (I currently have a digital set top box from Eastlink), do I need a HDTV with a tuner? Would I save much by just getting a HDTV monitor?
Also, since I work odd hours, I frequently record shows to watch later. How would a HDTV set top box hook up to a VCR and HCTV?

Comment from Admin.
In your location, you would need service from either cable or satellite. In either case you would need a set top box and an HDTV monitor only. An over-the-air tuner would be redundant at this point. If you want to record shows, why not get a set top with HD-PVR capability? They are available for both cable and satellite and offer much functionality to record the shows you want to watch and to play them back when you want them.

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