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What channels are true HD? > HD Content > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 08/03/2021
5:17 PM
flutiebills@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/07/31

Hi, You are correct. I subscribe to the Expressvu HD package and the quality of 90% of the HD channels is no better than what my 2700 receiver will produce....now don't get me wrong I do not entirely blame Bell....The broadcasters of these HD channels will use as little bandwidth and as little technology to get out their "HD" broadcast...HDTV is just a bunch of unregulated transmissions which leaves the consumer high and dry....there needs to be absolute , enforced standards, which would ensure that you are getting what you pay for.....as for me I will be canceling my HD package and selling my HD receiver , as I cannot justify spending that kind of money to watch a baseball game or someone explore a desert !! The HD American networks are NOT in HD ...it's a real scam !!

Comment from Admin.

Looking across the schedules for OTA, Satellite and Cable, it is evident that there is a considerable and increasing amount of HD programming available. True enough, between the programs produced in HD, the HD channels may run up-converted SD material, with attendant reduced quality, clearly discernable to the critical viewer. The presentations from film are also likely to be real HD quality, as they are coming from 35 mm film original prints and scrupulously transferred into HDTV. In the coming Fall season, in prime time, a couple of the US networks will come close to 100 percent HD content. Canadian networks are a little behind, but will be showing increasingly HD produced material as the production industry makes the transition. Take a look at the HD schedules of Rogers Cable, Bell ExpressVu and the Movie Network for confirmation. Perhaps a little early in the HDTV roll-out to come to conclusions, in my view!

12:55 PM
I just subscribed to HDTV with Videotron. I agree with flutiebills regarding the quality of most HD broadcasts. I expected HD specifications to be in the 9:14 format, high resolution and AC3 sound. I find that these specs. are not met with mosts broadcasts on HD channels. With the exception of TMNHD, PBSHD and a few (too few at this time) broadcasts from the other stations, I get a far better image and sound quality from my progressive scan DVD player. But I believe in the future of HD. So, since I had to get rid of my VCR and replace it with a new recording device, I opted for the full grown HD converter / recorder. No regrets so far.

5:13 PM
Sport fans presently have good quality coverage of the Olympics at NBCHD, last weekend we had the PGA on CBSHD and Monday the US Open Tennis starts and will be on for 2 weeks. Pre season NFL games started last Monday night and CBS HD had one last night.

As for movies, CBSHD shows movies they have produced from time to time, the two last one being Falling Star and Personally Yours, and last Sunday ABC had Jurassic Parc III.

4:53 PM
thodgins@nbnet.nb.ca wrote on 2021/03/01

Canadian newscasts in HD
I was wondering how many HD newscasts are produced in Canada at present?

Comment from Admin.
I am not aware of any such newscasts in HD at present, but there are certainly some in the planning stages. HD is at its best for sports, drama, films and documentaries and this is where most organizations start. Keep watching the Canadian channels and by the end of this year you may be pleasantly surprised as the up-converted SD material migrates to true HD production.

1:02 PM
Hey, they are more channels on Express Vu, but still not fully transmitting in HD, the 800 block is where you can find them but not all are " true " HD for example we wathed a program on FOX HD while CTV HD aired the same program. My wife finally believed what HD could look like. The Fox channel was fantastic while CTV looked like normal digital. Also until they "CRTC" puts a stop to it, you are able to view the american commercials.

5:46 PM
I have been extremely dissapointed with the lack of quality of most HD channels. While it is not soley Rogers (and other cable/sat companies) fault - they after all own the best sports HD channel - they should not be allowed to market HD based on the number of "HD" channels. They should be forced to market based on the percentage of true HD content.(which I'm betting is only 10%) I will not be recommending HD to anyone soon based on 2 or 3 sports games a week. The investment including hardware is still too high.

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