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cool_lin@hotmail.com 09/08/2021
1:33 AM
Hi, I currently have a panasonic plasma tv and rogers terminal with both DVI and Component output. I was wondering which connection type is better.

12:41 PM
If the DVI interconnection (which is fully digital) is used, then full digital quality is maintained right into the display. Component interconnection adds D/A's, A/D's and some filtering in the path, causing some small degradation in quality, visible on very critical material. The HDMI interface, now becoming available on some consumer equipment, is identical to DVI for the video side and adds the digital audio capability missing in DVI. HDCP coding is used in both DVI and HDMI connections to ensure security.

10:57 AM
I'm DVI and component and I can't see the difference at all.

Apparently, the DVI or HDMI cables have the ability to block recording or rebroadcasting of protected materials but I've heard varying opinions on this.

Although HDMI carries the audio unless you have an HDMI compliant receiver it doesn't make a difference because you're not going to be listening to the audio through the TV. (Hopefully)

9:02 PM
hal_s@telus.net wrote on 2021/10/18
dvi in a hd crt
I have a JVC AV-34wp84 HD CRT TV and have it hooked up to Bell ExpressVu 6100 HD sat receiver with component video cables. My question is “will I get a better picture hooking it up with DVI and if so would i use DVI-d cables or DVI-i.

Comment from Admin.
Yes, using the DVI video connection might give you a small improvement in quality with the high bandwidth digital connection. The quality improvement is however limited by the fact that the CRT is inherently an analog device and the compression in the BEV system, so the change in quality may be quite small. You would need a DVI-D connection for this. See this site in the Section connecting HDTV-Cables and Accessories for more information.

2:38 PM
I watched both, component and hdmi/dvi, extensively on the same tv and found that the component setup was just as good, if not better than hdmi.

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