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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 09/15/2004
10:24 PM
clarkeheide@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/09/03

hey, i'm a newbie to the forum. just wondering about your experiences with hd programming from antenna's. i live in killarney, mb about 250K from Winnipeg. is it possible to get off air hdtv? i use a roof top antenna to get sdtv, ctv, cbc, and sometimes global, so am curious if because i can get ctv, if i can get ctv hd. Thanks

Comment from Admin.

Looking at the map, the nearest DTV stations on-air to your home are those in Bismark ND, some 150 km away. You may be able to get a usable signal with a good outdoor antenna and preamp, if your location is good. A better choice for a source of HD reception would be from satellite, Bell ExpressVu www.bell.ca/shop/application/commercewf?origin=funnel_page.jsp&event;=link(goto)&content;=jsp/content/personal/catalog/satellites/index.jsp&REF;=BEV_Domainbell.htm

or Star Choice http://www.starchoice.com/english/default.asp

Both include a good number of HDTV channels in their line up.

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