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bgoleary@allstream.net 09/21/2004
2:16 AM
Mountain Lake PBS, WCFE (Channel 57) in Plattsburgh New York is now broadcasting digitally into the Montreal area on "virtual" channels 57.1 and 57.2 (physical channel is 38). Channel 57.1 features High Definition (1080i) programs while Channel 57.2 shows the same programs as analogue channel 57 in standard definition (480i).

I live on the Lakeshore in Pointe-Claire (West Island) and I am using Sony's new KD34XS955 Wide-Screen CRT set with integrated ATSC/NTSC tuner connected to a 34 year-old rectangular UHF antenna. Signal Strength is 90+. Picture and sound quality are very good on both the HD and SD broadcasts.

6:59 PM
Deslauriers.robert@videotron.ca a écrit 2021/03/16

Est-ce que l'on sait quand TVA, TQS et RDS seront en HD et combien $$$$$ ça va coûter?

Commentaire de l’administrateur.
TQS a déjà reçu une licence pour la transmission de la TVHD de Mont Royal. Dès que les problèmes de l’antenne sont vaincus, vous pourriez recevoir les signaux gratuits chez vous. Le Radio Canada et CBC sont déjà en ondes à Montréal et ces services sont aussi gratuits. Quant à les autres nous n’avons pas des informations précises à l’instant.

2:00 AM
The Mount Royal Tower Mess

According to the geographic information (latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds) given in Industry Canada's "Transition Allotment Plan" the following stations'analogue transmitters all appear to be located on the Mount Royal Tower: CBFT (ch. 2), CBMT (ch. 6), CFTM (ch. 10). CFCF (Ch. 12), CTVM (ch. 17), CFJP (ch. 35) and CKMI (ch.46). CJNT (ch. 62)'s transmitter appears to be located about 250 feet southwest of the location of the tower. I assume that all of these stations are affected by the Tower problem as far as their digital broadcasting is concerned.

According to information a friend of mine received on Thursday (July 28) from CBC Audience Relations, the Mount Royal Tower problem will probably not be addressed before the spring of 2006. This does not sound promising at all.

Can anyone provide answers to the following questions concerning the Mount Royal Tower:

1) Who owns the tower? With all those stations broadcasting from it, surely it is not CBC/Radio Canada.

2) Who is responsible for solving the problems and why have they not been solved by now?

3) What is the exact nature of the "technical" problems? Capacity? Environmental?

This problem was identified well over a year ago on this very website yet it appears nothing productive has been done. Is this lack of progress indicative of we can expect for the next few years in Montreal in particular and the rest of the country in general? Perhaps the decision to let the transition to digital TV broadcasting be industry led was a foolhardy one. The apparent lack of leadership is appalling. The blind leading the blind would be an improvement.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

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