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rmcbrid1@shaw.ca 10/25/2004
10:53 PM
Just be careful on the Panasonic Plasma that you are getting a high definition unit not enhanced definition only. Future Shop did not have the new Viera in stock as of this past weekend it is new and the best.........try Best Buy Langley for a look at the 50" they have set up $9999

3:25 PM
Both the Prima and the Panasonic you mentioned are EDTV, more specifically 480p, so have the same non-HDTV resolution. The contrast ratio is better on the Panasonic and it tends to look better too. But as you mention, it costs more.

6:33 PM
michellemihelic@rogers.com wrote on 2021/11/09

Prima Plasma
My boyfriend bought a PRIMA Plasma at Future Shop - looks great as far as design and size, but the picture gets a lot of waves going through it. He has HDTV as well, and purchased the most expensive wires (gold) etc etc. Any suggestions?? Otherwise it's being returned for a more expensive model. Please help!!

5:35 PM
The bottom line is, you always get what you pay for. Prima is a no-namer. Goto Costco and you can find the Akai or Daytek for around the same price, and it looks better. Personally, if you like watching movies/dvds/tv/games and spend countless hours in front of it, then I would spend the extra $1800 and go for the Panasonic TH-42PA20U one at Future Shop. It does last for ~10 years or so, so that's like $15 extra per month. Good luck!!!

10:46 AM
Like one person said, you get what you pay for...no question. You need to understand resolutions because a lot of them have very poor resolutions, in the 844x....

My suggestion is unless you need to hang it on the wall which most people don't, go rear projection LCD or DLP. I just purchased the Sony 42' rear projection LCD and it is fantastic. It cost me $2799. It's only about 1'6" deep and it's very light and looks very sharp.

With regards to the warranty there are a few opinions and it's always up to the person. Basically there are not a lot of moving parts in these things so if it's going to go, odds are it's in the first year. However, if you like the security go with an extended warranty. I bought a 2 year which runs after the manufacturer's so I'm at 3 year. That's good for me.

4:29 PM
johnston@nrcan.gc.ca wrote on 2022/01/17

You should never purchase any TV over $1500 that is not HDTV. I would not recommend buying thin plasma or thin LCD at the moment. The adage for the moment at least when purchasing TV's is that "thin is in but fat is where it's at". The best TV's in the world are the HDTV Cathode Ray Tubes. If you want bigger than the CRT HDTV general limit of 34", the next best TV's appear to be the 42" inch LCD rear projection TV's. Stay away from thin expensive emotional purchases. Get the best TV picture you can and that won't come with an expensive thin plasma or thin LCD screen.

As a recent post said, if you're not hanging it on your wall, why pay more for an expensive, inferior picture !!! Good Luck

10:58 PM
i m not ok whit the that plasma and lcd panels are great (h.d.)of coarse the 45 inchn from sharp aquos is the most beautifull picture i ve seen yet whit hd signal can carry 1920 by 1080

6:40 PM
While the 45" G-Series Sharp Aquos sets do indeed have a 1920 x 1080 screen, they also carry a quite hefty price tag of $11,999 CDN plus GST etc.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

11:44 PM
by the way the retail price for the aquos 45 inch is 8500+tx.you can easely deal one for 8000+tx cdn dollars in any authorised dealer.

11:46 PM
by the way the 42 inch panasonic hd plasma just drop under 5000$ cdn

6:50 PM
$8000 + taxes is still 3 times as much as I paid for my 34" Sony KD34XS955 (with integrated ATSC tuner) that can show 1080i at its full resolution of 1920 x 1080. That's still a hefty price tag for most people, but at least they are heading in the right direction.

The 42" inch Panasonic TH-42XVS30TU has a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 so it has to down-convert HD broadcasts, even 720p which has a frame size of 1280 x 720. Their cheaper 42" set has a screen resolution of only 852 x 480 and lacks the ATSC tuner. Add to that their higher electricity consumption and it is readily apparent that Plasma still has a long way to go before it can be considered good value for the money spent.

Brian O;Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

3:32 AM
if you want a great lcd buy .Check out BENQ.ca they have a 37"lcdtv with 1920x1080 for 3499.00 sr but is on sale sears for 2999.99 .Benq makes sharp systems also sony and panasonic maybe they have a good idea of how to build lcd TV's

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