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Prima plasma TV questions > Fitting Letterbox > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
bierman@annmanor.ca 10/31/2004
5:09 PM
When viewing letterbox DVDs on a 4x3 screen you get black lines top and bottom. When viewing 4x3 programs on a 16x9 set, you get bars on the right and left. So if viewing a letterbox DVD on a Prima 16x9 plasma will you get bars top, bottom, right and left because the Prima thinks it's seeing 4x3 and the DVD thinks it's outputting to 4x3, or does the Prima do something smart?

7:03 PM
burick@shaw.ca wrote on 2021/12/19

I just bought a Prima 27 inch LCD from Future Shop. The sale price was $1999, I got it for $1399 + 3 year warranty for $1800 (taxes included). I've never heard of Prima & now I'm thinking that maybe I should stay with more well known brands like Sharp or Sony (the sales person wouldn't move on the other well known brands!?).
Has anyone heard of or had this TV?

1:28 AM
The set up menus of most DVD players allow you to define the screen format of TV that it is connected to. The choices are usually: "4:3 Letterbox", "4:3 Pan and Scan" and "16:9". Some DVD players also allow you to specify screen type, such as CRT, LCD, Plasma etc.

Change the settings for your DVD player to match the characteristics of your TV.

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