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Prima plasma TV questions > HDTV Plasma wars > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
rmcbrid1@shaw.ca 12/09/2021
8:08 PM
The war has started and Panasonic was first in the price war 50" hd TH-50Px20U -$2000 now $7999
at Future shop note the PX in the model number this is the Viera HD not the PA20u EDTV model and the price is right. The 42" will follow I'm sure in the near future. MAKE SURE WHEN YOU BUY YOU ARE GETTING A TRUE HD MONITOR NOT A ED(ENHANCED DEFINITION) Merry Christmas

7:59 PM
burick@shaw.ca wrote on 2021/12/19

I just bought a Prima 27 inch LCD from Future Shop. The sale price was $1999, I got it for $1399 + 3 year warranty for $1800 (taxes included). I've never heard of Prima & now I'm thinking that maybe I should stay with more well known brands like Sharp or Sony (the sales person wouldn't move on the other well known brands!?).
Has anyone heard of or had this TV?

1:55 AM
The Panasonic Viera TH50PX20U shares the same shortcoming that ALL of the HD plasma sets have. It cannot show a 1080i broadcast* at its full resolution. It down-converts a 1080i signal to the resolution of the screen: viz. 1366 x 768. This is the highest resolution offered by any of the current plasma sets including the $29,999 61" Sony (and almost all of the LCD sets as well).

* To show a 1080i broadcast at its full resolution, the screen must have a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

9:54 PM
punkyshouse@rogers.com wrote on 2021/05/01

Plasma wars
how does the Pioneer elite fit in these wars?

5:33 PM
45" aquos fromsharp can carry 1920x1080 and retail at 8500

3:19 AM
Hey guys if you really want to know about you tv before you buy it.Go to cnet.com .They have all the HDTV's reviews good to bad.There is also a new artical in dtvmag.com they tell you who make what for who.No company makes there own lcd or plasma tv from scratch.Meny are made by companys you never heard of.The bottom line is,prices are on a downhill slide how much for how big will be the final question in the end.

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