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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 12/20/2004
11:41 PM
kamalkrgupta@yahoo.co.uk wrote on 2021/12/19

I have selected the Denon receiver Model No-1705 & Pioneer DVD Player for the Home Theater, now I am looking for the speaker. I want to know,
Floorstand speaker is better or cubed speaker, and which make also. How is the quality of Bose & Canton speakers.

Comment from Admin.

For the home theater, the choice of the 5 speakers and the sub-woofer is critical. The acoustic environment in the room is also a determining factor, as there is little point in putting high quality speakers in a poor environment. Not much difference between floor stands and cubed, really a physical setup choice. Just get good speakers and put them in the right places in the room and then balance and time the audio system. Elsewhere in the site you will find some help on speaker locations. Good quality speakers at competitive prices are available from a number of suppliers, including those mentioned.

11:59 PM
kent@speedwaypack.com wrote on 2021/11/29


What effect does the receiver have upon the sound output from DTV. My TV has 5.1 dolby but my receiver is prologic. For some reason I don't get any rear channel sound from DTV. The system seems to be hooked up correctly. I get proper sound from my DVD etc. I'm thinking it has something to do with the TV being 5.1 and my receiver being an older prologic system. I'm using the variable audio output from the TV to feed my receiver.

Kent Edmunds

Comment from Admin.

Suggest that you connect the Dolby AC3 data stream from the HD television to a receiver that can decode it fully. Usually the HD television outputs either an optical or coaxial feed of the data stream. Relying on the Pro-Logic decoder looking at the stereo output from the HD television will not give the full surround effect.

2:28 AM
Although DTV uses Dolby Digital sound it is not always 5.1 sound. Often it is only Dolby Digital 2.0 (Stereo), even on HD broadcasts.

Brian O'Leary

10:22 PM
cherif_d1@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/10/12

Home Theater Power
I'm looking forward to buy home theater system. My issue is to really understand how the power impacts the sound on a system.
i.e. I tend to think that the more there is power the better it is i.e. 1000 watts total would be better than 800 watts.
Is there some guide line that would help me get a good home theater system. The most important thing for me is sound quality

Comment from Admin.

Power ratings of audio systems are often full of confusion and sometimes exaggeration. What is important is that the amplifier be capable of delivering enough power, at low levels of distortion to make the speakers produce an adequate sound level in the room. How much power is required depends on the room size, the desired sound level, speaker efficiency and capability and the desired margin to handle transient peaks. With conventional speakers, an amplifier that can deliver more real rms power at the specified level of distortion is better than a less capable unit. Comparison of “Peak music power” capability can be very misleading, as its measurement can be highly subjective, though there is a DIN spec. for such measurements. Power ratings of HTU’s are usually stated as the total music power for the 6 channels and numbers such as 800 or 1000 watts are quoted, though the rms power available for each channel is typically 20 or 30 watts at acceptable levels of distortion.
Look at http://www.panasonic.ca/english/audiovideo/hometheatre/specs.asp for a good unvarnished comparison of the numbers for one manufacturers offerings.

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