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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 01/03/2021
7:23 AM
Aidan.obrien@utoronto.ca wrote on 2021/12/02

PSIP and CVCT (Cable Virtual Channel Tables)

I am a Rogers cable customer and my Digital Cable Ready TV does not seem to receive a Cable Virtual Channel Table (CVCT) via the ATSC specified Program and System Information Protocol. Is Rogers sending CVCT via PSIP? I am disappointed that currently I need to manually figure out and select virtual channel 109.1513 to receive cable channel 188 (for example)?

Comment from Admin.

The use of PSIP information is still in its infancy and the cable carriage of it is a discussion item at present. I believe that most cable systems carry only the very basic PSIP information from the broadcaster and omit the rest, such as EPG information. The PSIP carriage question is the subject of current debate in the CDTV TWG and a recommendation is likely in early 2005 for Canada.

7:49 AM
Virtual Channel Numbers (12/23/2004) - bgoleary@allstream.net

Under the ATSC specification the use of PSIP's (Program and System Information Protocol) Virtual Channel Table (VCT) is optional. However, under an FCC ruling published on October 4, 2021 the use of the VCT is now mandatory in the USA. Furthermore, all stations are required to use their current analogue channel number as the major channel number. Stations using their physical digital channel number rather than their analogue channel number as their major channel number will be required to change.

Speaking as a viewer, I welcome this change. Having one major channel number for an individual broadcaster is less confusing for the average viewer than having to remember two channel numbers for the each and every broadcaster. Let's hope that Canada follows suit.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire Qc

9:25 PM
Us06154@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/05/05

I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this. I purchased a DV Set top Recorder a couple of days ago, and it is not picking up any PSIP data (hope it is what I'm looking for) basically, I have Rogers Cable Standard (not Digital) in London Ontario, and my recorder is not listing the channel guide for the next 7 days. It says data was not available. but it picked up the time of the network (a minute behind) but no programming info or channel guide. I can watch all the channels available, so it cannot be the cable connection. any Ideas? thx - John

Comment from Admin.
Unfortunately, most of the PSIP data in the OTA broadcast feeding the Rogers system is stripped before the signal is placed on the cable. There are both technical and capacity reasons for this approach, but some of the more useful information is transcoded into the cable program guide. The precise details of an agreed interface for PSIP between OTA, Cable and Satellite delivery are currently the subject of a work program in the CDTV Technical Working Group.

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