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royale4head@hotmail.com 01/14/2005
10:21 AM
Right now they are working on HD DVD's, the problem is they are huge. It's called Blue Laser and apparently it has 3 to 4 layers where as the DVD players today have 2 layers. High def is typically 1080i where as DVD's are 480p or 480i.

The best way to record is with a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). I have one that claims it holds up to 90 hours of HD although it's more like 1/2 that. These are much better than DVD recroders not just because they record in HD but because they are tied into the programming system.

That's my 2 cents!!

4:18 PM
Can you tell me what kind of PVR you're using and who is your signal provider? I've not seen a HD PVR device in Alberta yet.
Tom Montvila

12:25 PM
That's intersetcing. I have HDTV thru Bell Express Vu. They said I could not use the PVR and HDTV at the same time (they said PVR doesn't show programs in HD. Therefore, I pruchased the HDTV receiver but not the PVR. Does anyone know about this?

9:35 PM
Tom, in Alberta, Shaw Cable sells a dual-tuner HD PVR. Can't remember HDD size. Check on it's availability in your area.

As for Bell ExpressVu, they keep promising their retail partners that their HD-PVR will be out in three months. They re-affirm this promise every three months... Currently they are promising us one by Summer 2005. promised the same thing for Summer '04 too...

11:02 PM
Bell Expressvue now has a HD PVR on sale here in Ontario for around $599.00.

8:16 PM
Go with Digital Cable... Cogeco's DCT6412 has been great to us. Although I am still awaiting the dual tuner functionality to kick in... http://broadband.motorola.com/dvr/dct6412.asp

10:27 PM
I have the Bell ExpressVu 9200 PVR - dual tuners allow me to watch one HD chanel and record another HD chanel. 25 hours of HD recording capacity, and 100+ hours SD content. Works GREAT!

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