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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 02/10/2021
10:51 AM
ellenka@shaw.ca wrote on 2021/02/09

Lack of Cable Programming

I live in Lethbridge, AB & own a Shaw cable HDTV receiver. My concern is with the lack of HD programming available (4 channels, 1 of which is a subscription only movie channel) through Shaw. I have asked them when more channels might be available & have yet to find anybody who can give me an answer. Does anybody know of a time-line for new channels? Please don't suggest that I switch to satellite as I have serious issues with the lack of customer service I have experienced with satellite providers.

Comment from Admin.

Seems like a question for Shaw and I invite their comment. Be aware though, that the addition of significant numbers of HDTV digital channels may be beyond the capacity of the existing cable system in your area, necessitating a major updating of the plant. This takes a little time. Shaw does provide the major US HDTV channels in Edmonton, I note, but the Canadian HD channels have yet to arrive there. Satellite certainly offers more channels in your area.

4:09 PM
davies.family@3web.net wrote on 2021/03/27

Basic Cable
I live in Toronto, and subscribe to my local cable carrier with basic service. I recently bought an HD Ready plasma and a HD Digital cable box. I am told that I can receive the 20 or so HD channels mixed in with the basic service without buying the digital cable service, is this true? Or, more generically: can you watch HD TV through regular cable from the basic signal?


The HD channels on cable (and on satellite) are generally on a subscription basis, except for one or two promotional channels which are in the clear. So if you want to watch HD services, call your local cable channel. The increment is quite modest. What is true, however, is that you can indeed watch the basic channels on your digital box and they will appear after conversion to an HD format for your display. The picture quality is not changed however and often the conversion process makes some defects visible that are unnoticeable on an SD television. There is also the fact that the SD picture is a different shape to the HD pictures so you may see bars at the sides of your screen.

Welcome to HDTV, it is really awesome when done well.

9:01 PM
sbrouse@cogeco.ca wrote on 2021/05/10

Why is it Canada will not offer the HDNET. I have heard that Mark Cuban made an application but when will it get approved or denied?

Comment from Admin.
Before any TV (or HDTV) service can be delivered to Canadian viewers it must receive CRTC approval and be licensed. Suggest you contact the CRTC ( info@crtc.gc.ca ) for the latest information on the HD-NET application.

1:11 PM
I live in Vancouver, BC and subscribe to Shaw. Unfortunately Shaw does not carry TSN HD here. MY sony HDTV has a built in ATSC tuner and a salesperson told me I can bet TSN HD by bypassing the cable box and sending the cable directly to my TV..eg during CFL games broadcast in HD. Any truth to this?

1:03 AM
The salesman is wrong. If your cable company does not carry TSN HD then the signal is not on the cable. Consequently you cannot receive it no matter how you connect the cable to your set.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

9:43 PM
joelp@nowtoronto.com wrote on 2021/08/30

hd sportsnet horrible has anyone noticed that sportsnet hd picture is horrible. tsn hd comes in beautifully, but sportstnet hd is worse than regular tv! is it just my tv or has anyone else noticed this?

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