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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/08/2021
4:27 PM
kellymc@mztv.com wrote on 2021/03/02

our old analog sets

When we do finally make the transition to digital, and broadcasters switch off their analog transmitters, what happens to people who still have analog sets? I understand that there must be a high saturation rate before this transition occurs, but for those few people still using analog, do they just have to buy HD-capable sets? Or, is it possible to ready an analog set for HD reception?

Comment from Admin.

In the UK and in the USA, a switch-off date for analog television is already foreseen and is based, as you say, on achieving a level of saturation around 85 percent of homes. The cable industry is also moving vigorously towards an all-digital environment and the satellite industry is already there. At the point of switch-off of analog services, those without a digital set will have to obtain a set-top box, as they do now with satellite and soon with cable, to interface their analog set. The picture quality and flexibility of a good digital set will of course be lacking, as the analog set is optimized for NTSC. There is much discussion about possible subsidies at that point for those unable to make the modest payment for such an STB.

The average life of an analog television is about 10 years and as TV set technology has changed dramatically in the last year, many analog sets may be replaced sooner, so this transition is perhaps not quite as fearsome as you might guess.

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