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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/10/2021
9:25 PM
minkoo@echo-on.net wrote on 2021/03/10

When would I be able to turn on my HDTV and watch most or all channels in HDTV without renting a digital box from Rogers? This box eliminates the stretched view on HDTV channels only. Can you help?

Comment from Admin.

The new Cable-Ready HD Televisions that are now coming into the market will receive both cable and over-the-air HD signals without a set-top box. For cable, they are limited to “one-way” services, so PPV and interactive would still require a set-top box. For cable, you will need to get a CableCard from Rogers to plug in to make it work. These HD televisions are expected to be in the market in Canada soon and are already on sale in the US.

5:49 AM
Reply to Admin,

In your comment to "Cable Ready" you make reference to a "Cablecard" from Rogers. Do you know how to go about getting one of those? I have inquired on Roger's Website and they have advised: "Please note that Rogers only provides digital service via our digital set top boxes at this time. We do not provide service via the Cable Card option you have specified."


9:10 PM
pete@mortechcomputers.com wrote on 2021/03/29

Cable Cards
I just bought a brand new Sony Grand Wega 60". I want to upgrade my cable service to digital High Def, but with all the external devices I already have plugged into my TV, (e.g. DVD, VCR, AV Receiver etc.) I really don't want to add another, in the form of a Digital HD tuner from my cable company. My TV comes equipped with what's known as a "Cable Card" slot. This allows the the digital high def functionality without the need of the external decoder. Does anyone know if this technology will be available in Canada soon?

Comment from Admin

The CableCard is supplied by the cable company, so please contact them to find out the situation on your system. Rogers Cable has been testing CableCard technology with the available receivers and plans their introduction soon.

9:32 PM
Update on Cable Ready and CableCard
Rogers Cable advise that at May 9 they are still testing the CableCard technology and have yet to determine an on-air date for its use. Seems Cable Ready HD televisions will have to wait a little longer to achieve their full potential.

7:04 AM
Canadians should note; Americans have a law which prevents the copywriting (encrypting) of any signal which can be received through the air. If the cable companies are allowed to encrypt every channel on the cable you will wind up buying a TV with a $400 cable tuner you can't use. If you think Canada should have the same protection, write your MP.
Yours truly, Bob Sweet

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