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What channels are true HD? > format > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
grahammcquade@rogers.com 03/23/2005
5:48 PM
Why are most of my hdtv stations still only in 4.3{square} and not 19.9 as advertised by Brian Williams for rogers cable, this is false advertising and should be illegal or give me all 16.9 format on all my hdtv channels.

9:19 PM
Where programs are made in HDTV or converted from film, they will be aired in the 16:9 format. Material up converted from SD will likely be in 4:3 format with black or colored bars at the side, but filling the screen vertically. Where material in the 16:9 format is incorporated into 4:3 programming, then it is common to air it with black or colored bars at the top and bottom (letter-box) but filling the screen horizontally. If this 4:3 material is now up converted and put on the 16:9 HS screen, then this original 16:9 material will appear as a ‘postage stamp’ with black or colored space all round. Broadcasters strive to provide as much 16:9, full screen material as possible, but are limited by the material available and the current 4:3 infrastructure. This is gradually changing as more programs are shot in HD 16:9 and a 16:9 infrastructure is implemented, but it will be a while before you will see anywhere near 100% 16:9.

12:18 PM
As a Rogers HDTV customer, I would have to agree with you. My understanding when I decided to go with the Rogers HDTV programming & Set Top box, is that I would be getting all available HDTV channels for the additional $4.95 per month.
Oh yes I get all these channels now but what I find many times, is what appears to be regular 4.3 format broadcasts with a small "HD" logo in the corner of my HDTV screen. I then ponder to myself, is this fraudulent? The hype in all the Rogers ads that I have seen are certainly misleading in my opinion. I believe someone needs to set some standards as to what you should be receiving when you opt to purchase their HDTV programming and their Set Top Box.

1:01 PM
I'm a Cogeco customer and have the same problem. I have a widescreen TV and this 4:3 programming is particularly annoying. Rogers Sportsnet , PBS and TMN HD are by far the best channels. Are they true HD or (i.e. are the Blue Jays games on SpNet true HD)

How do I get all the football and hockey in HD? I WILL PAY if its possible. All I watch is sports!

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