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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/25/2005
7:58 PM
ctylko@canada.com wrote on 2021/03/23

When watching PBSHD (in Montreal via Videotron) I notice the image blacks out sporadically for about 1/2 second about 3 to 4 times per half hour. There is no sound interruption. I've only seen it happen on PBS.

Has anyone else noticed it?

Comment from Admin.
There are many possible reasons for this little problem and I suggest you talk first with Videotron, preferably with a log of the occurrences in your hand. If it does not occur on other HD channels, at least your HD televisio0n and STB are reasonably in the clear. As you probably know, PBS transmits a lot of data services in their multiplex and sometimes this can cause hiccups also.

Good luck.

6:08 PM
I watch Mountain Lake PBS's 1080i feed (WCFE, channel 57 in Plattsburgh) of PBS HD using a rooftop UHF antenna connected to an HD set with integrated ATSC tuner. Mountain Lake PBS also broadcasts a 480i digital version of their regular programming. I do not experience the blackouts that you describe.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

7:18 PM
I too have the same issue with HD PBS out of Detroit on Rogers Cable. As with you, maybe 4-5 times per show, the screen blacks out for a second. Slightly annoying but no big deal.

Just thought that I would let you know that you are not imagining things.

8:49 AM
With Videotron and Rogers, PBSHD is now originating from Spokane WA. Video Quality is good but occasional sound dropouts which ruins recordings for Soundstage and Austin City Limits.

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