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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 03/28/2005
4:18 PM
davies.family@3web.net wrote on 2021/03/27

Video signal quality When considering the transfer of the HD video signal from my HD box to my TV, what cable is the best ? Optical, s-video, RGB component, coaxial, or digital video coaxial? What provides the least interference and clearest signal?

Comment from Admin.

The best connection from the STB to your Display is the HDMI digital video and audio interconnection, if you have one, or DVI digital video and analog audio, if that works for you. If this is not available, then component analog video, RGB or Y, Pr, Pb in coaxial cables makes a pretty good picture too, if the lengths are kept modest.

S-video is an NTSC SD connection and not of interest for HDTV.

9:08 PM
As I am not familiar with the lingo, can you tell me what the HDMI dv / audio interconnection and DVI Digital video / analog audio jacks look like ?

9:03 PM
For details of the various connectors and cables look at http://www.cdtv.ca/en/what-is-hdtv/accessories.htm

3:21 PM
craigww@rogers.com wrote on 2021/12/27

HDMI & DVI components Hi. I just recently purchased an HDTV which has one HDMI input and one DVI input. My Rogers cable box only has one DVI output. Now I know that I can buy a HDMI to DVI cable, but my question is... In the future if I buy the appropriate DVD players with HDMI output and connect the DVD to my TV via the HDMI. Will my cables box somehow still be connected via the HDMI cable so that I am receiving the HD broadcasts through HDMI? Or do I need one DVI cable and one HDMI cable both connected to some kind of splitter? Is there such a splitter?

I don't know.. I probably haven't explained this the best but hopefully somebody will be able to interpret and respond... Thanks.

Comment from Admin.

Seems best if you connect the DVI output from the Rogers STB to the DVI input of the HDTV display and connect the analog L/R audio from the Rogers STB to the HDTV also (DVI does not include digital audio). You can then connect the HDMI output from the future DVD player into the HDMI port of the HDTV which will then carry both digital video and digital audio. In the event that a future STB gives only an HDMI output you could then add an HDMI switch of simply use and HDMI to DVI adapter cable and handle the audio separately.

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