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t.lalonde@sympatico.ca 03/31/2005
2:55 PM
I found the following information in another posting on this site. Is this in fact true??
Do all plasma HD monitors essentially "throw away"
approximatly one third of the data in order to down rez to 1366 x 768????

Wpuld love to know the scoop on this.

From previous posting.....
"The Panasonic Viera TH50PX20U shares the same shortcoming that ALL of the HD plasma sets have. It cannot show a 1080i broadcast* at its full resolution. It down-converts a 1080i signal to the resolution of the screen: viz. 1366 x 768. This is the highest resolution offered by any of the current plasma sets including the $29,999 61" Sony (and almost all of the LCD sets as well). "

6:55 PM
The statement you quote was true when I made it. Unless you are prepared to pay $50,000+ for one of 1 or 2 Plasma models with 1920x1080 screens that have been introduced or announced since then, for all intents and purposes it is still true.

While a set with a screen resolution of 1366x768 can show a 720p HD broadcast without "throwing away" (as you put it) any detail, it can only "down convert" a 1080i picture to the resolution of its screen and lose some of the detail in the process. Whether or not the loss of detail is noticeable depends on the program in question.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire, Qc

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