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Set -top Boxes > Pixellization on HDTV channels > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
tascioke@canadabread.ca 04/05/2021
10:59 AM
I just recently entered the HDTV world and I am generally very happy with the results. However, I have noticed that during high-action sequences in films(especially on HDTMN), that the picture pixellizes or even hiccups. I also have noticed that if there is an intense red colour on-screen that there is pixellization as well. The regular 480 res channels are fine. I had a technician come in to check my setup. He changed the splitter I had and the coaxial cable going into the STB from the wall outlet. No change. Should I move to using a DVI connection from my STB? Should I replace the STB? ANy suggestions?

7:48 PM
The folks at TMM-HD advise that this is a known problem at present due to the excessively low bit rate available in the cable systems for the TMM-HD channel. It is compression macroblocking. A fix is in process of development and will remove much of this problem. Rest assured, it is not a problem with your HD television, your set top box or with your connections.

12:23 PM
I too suffer picture freeze up and pixellization especially on TMN HD but also less frequently on TMN SD. Also split second black outs on PBS HD. DVI connection did not resolve. Cogeco Cable has made several visits and assures signal is good. They suggested that a possible compatibility issue between Cogeco and Motorola (using 6412 cable box)is also under discussion. Glad to hear that TMN and cable companies are also endeavouring to resolve. Are we premium paying guinea pigs?! Its easier to live with the odd glitch with a new technology if honest admissions of problems and efforts to fix them are forthcoming. Let's hope CDTV can continue to search out independent straight-forward answers.

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