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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 05/25/2005
8:14 PM
idltraining@rogers.com wrote on 2021/05/25

Audio on Rogers 501
Since I got my surround sound system last week, I notice that I am getting 1 second audio cutouts on the Rogers preview channel. It seems that it is not happening with the other HD channels and it happens with the surround sound, not the TV speakers. I checked my cables (optical out), tried a variety of channels, and they are all fine, except for 501. Anyone else experiencing the same, or any suggestions?

4:59 PM
You're not the only one. I have the same problem.
I've sent an e-mail to Rogers asking why.

I also experienced some intermitent freezing and audio dropout on CH # 527 a few days ago.

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