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lsims@eventechnologiesinc.com 06/01/2022
6:46 PM
Knowing that the digital offering with domestic cablecos often leaves something to be desired I would not be surprised to see telephone companies edge into the market. It is already beginning to happen in the States, with broadcast video and video on demand being offered over IP networks. HD will be soon to follow. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, the company I work for, www.eventechnologiesinc.com, provides compression technology for just such scenarios so I try to keep up on industry trends. If you ask me, the future will bring Telcos into the competitive arena, offering DVR capabilities such as rewind, pause, etc and competition between cablecos, telcos and satellites will bring a much better offering for HD.

6:19 PM
If you check with your local cable service provider you will find that there are now PVR models of the HD Digital Cable Converter. Motorolla model #6412 is a PVR Digital Converter with a dual tuner for PVR options.

3:13 AM
You will also find that there already are HD PVR's from Sony and LG that offer rewind, pause, etc. of live OTA broadcasts and cable broadcasts, HD, SD and analogue. These boxes are essentially integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners equipped with CableCard, large hard drives and PVR functionality. They can be connected to any TV set, analogue or digital, old or new.

At present, these machines are available only in the US. It's high time that the CEA stopped treating Canadian consumers with contempt and made these boxes available in Canada.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

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