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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 07/18/2005
6:23 PM
mckegger4@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/07/15

HD in Rural South Eastern Ontario
I am moving to a rural home near Kingston Ontario. I was wondering if HD signals are available there, via say Bell Express Vu. I am not very bright about this topic. If they are what do I need.

Comment from Admin.
Welcome to the Kingston area, our home town. In this area you will certainly be able to get the full Bell ExpressVu channels (27 HDTV at present) and depending on where you locate, you might get Cogeco Cable who carry 9 HD channels. In the Kingston area you can also receive the Watertown DTV channels with an outside antenna and amplifier. Information on these are in the Connecting HDTV section of this site. You may also be able to receive Rochester DTV signals off-air. At present, there are no Canadian DTV signals receivable in the Kingston area.

0:23 AM
Rochester? Cannot the Syracuse DTV stations be picked up in Kingston? It not,I find that very strange. In the early 1950's when we got our first TV set, the only TV stations that could be picked up in Kingston were WSYR (ch.5)* and WHEN (ch. 8)*, both in Syracuse. WCNY (ch.7) in Carthage-Watertown came next. It was only in December 1954 that CKWS TV went on the air. If it had not been for WSYR people in Kingston would not have seen the 1954 Grey Cup game, which was shown by NBC in the USA, because CKWS was not yet on the air.

Brian O'Leary
Pointe-Claire QC

* After WCNY came on the air WSYR switched to ch. 3 and WHEN to ch. 5 to eliminate the adjacent channel interference that WCNY caused on WHEN.

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