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What channels are true HD? > What about Screen Burn? > Replies - Add Reply     Sort by newest posting on top
darren@bell.blackberry.net 08/07/2021
4:34 PM
Ok, we all understand that we're in a "ramping" phase for 100% HDTV (16:9) content on Rogers/Bell HDTV stations. Even during a "true HD" broadcast on one of these stations, the picture reverts to 4:3 throught the program, and during commercials. Manually stretching the image every 5 minutes is a huge pain, and it only distorts the picture anyway.

The problem is that over time, the black bars can contribute to 'screen-burn'.. particularly for LCD users like myself. I wonder if there is a way for Rogers/Bell to safeguard against this for customers - perhaps stretching the feed to 16:9? Sure, it won't fix the fact that the original feed isn't 100% HD, but it would save people from having to stretch the image manually every 5 mins, just to protect their screens. Is something like that possible? HDTV's are dropping in price, but I would say they're 'cheap' yet..!

Kitchener, ON

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