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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 12/15/2005
2:57 PM
michelfabien@videotron.ca wrote on 2021/12/07

Broadcast Flag Once the Broadcast Flag gets initiated, if a producer wishes to have maximum protection, he may insist that the Broadcaster files a 30 day advanced notice to the FCC of its intention to downrez the signal to SD if the connection is not HDCP compliant (example one using Component out of a compliant STB). Presently and because of a decision by the US Appeals Court, the OTA signal may not carry the Broadcast Flag.

In Canada,

1. what is the CRTC's position toward the Broadcast Flag for Canadian channels. Any provision to downrez to SD if the compliant STB is connected via Component and there is a Broadcast Flag? Any provision requiring a 30 day advance notice for a downrez, as is required by the FCC in the US?
2. Rogers gets the US channels via OTA from Buffalo and Videotron gets it from Rogers. Therefore, may I assume that there will be no Broadcast Flag until Congress legislates new authority for the FCC to impact the OTA signal?

Comment from Admin.

1. The CRTC does not currently have a position in this matter,particularly as the US situation is far from clear. The pressure for inclusion of such an arrangement is from program producers, who desire to see solid protection included in contracts for Canadian showing of HDTV properties.
2. Correct, I believe.

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