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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 01/11/2021
9:23 PM
tissotswiss@lycos.com wrote on 2022/01/08

Full implementation of HDTV I was recently in a Future Shop store looking to buy a regular TV and was literally taken aback when the sales guy at Future Shop started telling me that my purchase would no longer function by 2007. The claim was that all TV’s in 2007 will require a box to decode HDTV signals. What is the CRTC timeframe to implement such? I bought what I wanted at Costco anyway, LOL so his ploy didn't work with me but.....

Comment from Admin.
There is no precisely defined timetable for the implementation of DTV and HDTV in Canada, simply a decision that it will be a “market driven” approach. In the US the implementation is going much faster, driven by the potential sale of spectrum released and the need for more “Public Safety” services post 9/11. There an agreement is in place that NTSC broadcasting will cease in 2009. It is anticipated that a subsidized and low-cost converter may then be necessary for distribution to those households unable to afford a new digital receiver. In Canada this discussion has yet to take place and certainly 2007 is not an objective. One further point though. As the HD implementation moves along, increasingly, programs will be in the wide-screen, 16 x 9 format of HDTV and on the NTSC set will appear in letterbox format. A purchase of a new TV would thus be best if it were 16 x 9, using LCD, LCOS or DLP technology, even though HDTV may not be available in your area at present.

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