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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 01/09/2021
5:40 PM
HDTV has actually been on the air in Ottawa for some time from the CDTV experimental station on ch. 67, but the start of commercial services has yet to be defined. HDTV services are currently available in Ottawa from Rogers Cable and by satellite from ExpressVu and StarChoice.

There are many factors that affect the quality of a compressed video service but the quality of a program originated in HDTV and carried by any of these services is just amazing. Differences may be visible however in some up-converted programs.

9:37 PM
OTA HDTV should be superrior to what is packaged by Rogers, Shaw and Expressvu because they have more bandwith to play with. Cable and satellite have bandwidth concers to address, and because of this they receive the signal, convert to analog (componet) to route through their switching network, re-digitize, re-encode and recompress to suite their needs and bandwidth concerns. Only if the cable company took the original broadcast signal and passed it unmodified on the cable (for which you would not need a cable box, just an DTV compatable tv, would it be identical.

4:08 PM
DoBoy@qc.aibn.com wrote on 2021/10/13

I wish to purchase the best antenna to receive hd signals in the Ottawa area.. I have a LG(zenith) 34" HDTV with atsc tuner and which to know what antenna would give me the best results? Was looking for a rooftop antenna so that i can get the best possible results.

Thanks for your help guys its much appreciated

Comment from Admin.

At present, the only ATSC HDTV signal receivable in Ottawa is that of the CDTV test transmitter at Manotick on ch.67. This is on the air intermittently with test pictures, but no continuing program service is offered. Information on suitable antennas is found in Terrestrial Broadcast and Reception, under Antennas. If you are in the city of close to the transmitter, an indoor antenna would give you good reception. Hence, if you would like HDTV now, the only solution is satellite, Bell ExpressVu or digital cable service from Rogers Cable. In the future, DTV OTA transmissions will become available in Ottawa, but the dates are still undecided.

11:05 PM
Hi, I am trying to decide between buying an HDTV with built-in ATSC tuner or not, and I am not particularly interested in subscribing to Satellite or cable at this point - have there been any indications of timeframes for HDTV OTA in Ottawa region? The price difference seems to be around $600-800 right now - do you think it's worthwhile getting the built-in tuner if a) I wait for OTA, or b) I succumb and subscribe to Satellite... Thanks!

11:46 AM
If you are interested in receiving HDTV signals on Channel 67 in Ottawa, I suggest a Channel Master 4228 8-bay UHF anyenna mounted on your roof and aimed at the transmitter in Manotick. depending where in OC you are, you many also be able to see WWTI-DT on digital channel 21, WPBS-DT on Channel 41 and WWNY-DT on channel 35 from Watertown, NY, and also WNPI-DT on channel 23 from Norwood, NY (Canton)

5:57 PM
Since my departure from the CDTV tech committee a little over 4 years ago, I must say I'm a little surprised that Canada hasn't ramped up a little faster for OTA coverage. Lagging the US was predictible, but I get the impression we are now 4-5 years behind them at least. Is there an anticipated trigger point where we'll see fast implementation of OTA broadcasting in Canada? i.e., % penetration for consumer HDTV's? availability of HD recording for the masses? commercial HD production/broadcast gear to drop more in price? more HDTV content (Canadian content)? What's taking so long? Are we content with the HD coverage provided by DTH and Cable providers? I noticed the large-market broadcasters are doing something (City, Global, CTV), but the market seems limited to Toronto. It would be nice to see at least one OTA broadcaster go HD in Ottawa. Lotsa questions, I know. It would be nice to hear from one or more of the members for your views. Cheers. Bert

3:13 PM
Is the test transmitter in Manotick still operating? I have a new TV, with built in ATSC tuner, and I’ve been trying to pickup the test station, unsuccessfully. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s the antenna, or lack of station.

If the station is still operating, is there any kind of schedule, or is it pretty much random testing? Thanks.

9:10 PM
bwalenius@rogers.com wrote on 2021/12/12

HDTV on-air broadcast in Ottawa? Hi,
I have seen that on-air broadcasting of HDTV has started in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Any word on when it might come to Ottawa? I am interested only because on-air analog reception is so poor where I am that I am obliged to subscribe to basic cable. Since tne only thing ever on at our house is TVO Kids or CBC Kids (with the occasional Sens game thrown in), I would be happy to drop cable TV if I could pick up decent on-air digital signals.

As it is right now, I bought a powered antenna but could only ever get one channel well, and a few others poorly. If I then played with it, I could get another channel well enough to watch, but then the first channel was off again. Since my children are 2 and 4, that was out of the question unless I wanted to be an ever-on-call antenna-technician. I work with a colleague who lives in France, and he receives 22 channels over the air, digitally. He does not subscribe to any service, just picks them up with his digital antenna. I am tired of his poking fun at our 19th century Canadian situation with regards to on-air HDTV. Any idea when this service might be coming to Ottawa?

Comment from Admin.
We are not aware of any current plans for HDTV broadcasting transmitters from either the private of public sectors for the Ottawa area. Hopefully this will change soon. I am surprised that your reception is very poor if you are in the central Ottawa area. DTV broadcasting may help if your problem is ghosts and reflections, but if your home is located far from the current transmitters, so the signal is very weak, then DTV may suffer similarly. In that case satellite or cable may be the best solution.

10:58 PM
According to a SRC-Montréal PR source Québec city (French)goes on the air in February and Ottawa (French and English) in the summer of 2006. Can anyone tell me where Ottawa's TV transmitters are located and at what elevation their towers are. Since we have to wait until 2007 to get coverage in all of the Montréal I hope to have a line of sight to Ottawa's transmitters.

3:04 PM
raystestaccount@yahoo.ca wrote on 2021/12/20

HD via Antenna in Ottawa Has anyone had success getting a HD broadcast via antenna in Ottawa ? I live in central Ottawa and own a SONY Grand WEGA LCD RP with HD Tuner built in. I want to try and pick up an HD signal via antenna. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I am really not happy with the CRTC as Cable and Satellite services are way too expensive, and who wants another tuner in thier house and another frigging remote !


Comment from Admin.

Sadly, at present, there is no over-the-air HDTV broadcast in Ottawa, so the only possibility is from satellite or cable. Hopefully this will soon change.

There is some experimental broadcasting from the CDTV/CRC test transmitter at Manotick on channel 67 from time to time, but no regular programming.

2:26 PM
bwalenius: I am curious what type of antenna you were using? When I used rabbit ears, I found the RCA un-amplified ones worked the best. For some reason the amplifier would make the signal worse. Now I have an old RadioShack omni-directional antenna in the attic and I now get almost all of the channels perfectly and that is from Stittsville.

Also, what type of building are you in and which direction are you facing? There are two main towers in Ottawa.

The one at Camp Fortune (in Gatineau Park) broadcasts CBOT (4), Global (6), CBOFT (9), CJOH (13), TVO (24), CIVO (30), CFGS (34) and CHOT (40).

The one in Manotick broadcasts CHCH (11), CJMT (14), CITS (32), CFMT (60) and CITY (65).

There is also an antenna near Smiths Falls, which broadcasts CKWS (36) at a low power. I can pick it up, but it is kind of fuzzy.

Another factor is your tuner. I find my Panasonic and Samsung VCRs tend to get better reception than my JVC TV.

If you go to http://www.user.dccnet.com/jonleblanc/Canada_TV_Stations/ON.html you will see that the CRTC has allocated frequencies for DT for all of the Ottawa Stations. Some of them even have altitudes and transmission powers allocated. I have no idea what the timetable will be.

8:51 PM
dcbjms1988@hotmail.com wrote on 2021/03/18

Re: HDTV in Ottawa
I've a question. I'm a 17-yr. old American that is currently thinking of going to university in the Ottawa area. I receive my TV channels OTA because Cox, the local cable company charges ridiculous fees for service, and then replaces channels from nearby Boston (Massachusetts) with channels that we don't even watch. In addition, since I receive my TV channels OTA, I can pick up TV channels from both the Boston (Massachusetts) metro area and the Providence (Rhode Island) metro area. A lot of the digital TV channels are, say, WXXX-DT, many with just SD/ED programming, so HD is a very remote prospect. Are there any DTV channels currently in operation in the Ottawa metro area at the moment? It can just be SDTV, EDTV, or HDTV.

In addition, what are you recommendations for receiving digital TV on a university campus?

Comment from Admin.

Sadly, there is no OTA transmission of DTV available in Ottawa at present. So the choice will have to be cable of satellite. Rogers Cable (www.rogers.com) offer a good range of HDTV channels in Ottawa and Bell ExpressVu (www.bell.ca) have a good line up of HDTV channels by satellite. If you are in a university environment, probably cable would be the better choice.

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