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shane-hdtv@cm.nu 02/24/2006
0:07 AM
Hello all,

I just purchased an Humax f100 hdtv decoder along
with a Terk hdtvlp antenna in order to receive
ota HDtv. In particular, I am trying to receive
the CTVHD signal broadcasting from mt. seymour at
my location in New Westminster. Although the
antenna is able to bring in several analogue
channels, when I do a channel scan with the fa100
for dtv channels, it finds none.

I then attempted to go manually to channel 33 and
add it to the channel list but the system after a
brief interval says "no signal." I have tried
several antenna placements, with and without the
amplifier connected but still get nothing. Can
anyone suggest a way I can narrow the problem.
IE. can I determine whether the box is defective,
whether my location is simply unsuitable for
reception or the antenna is insufficient. I can
receive analogue TV and radio just fine so I
wouldn't expect an issue with location.
I would think the fa100 would show some sort of
signal even if it were too low for reception but
no signal implies nothing is getting through.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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