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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 01/10/2021
5:37 PM
We have had good success with the Wade Antenna Super Delhi Too (which includes a VHF/UHF prepamp) and with the Winegard PR-7015 with a low noise 16 db UHF-only preamp AP-4700, which passes through the VHF channels. In Oakville, you may find that the local VHF stations overload the VHF/UHF amplifier needed for distant stations and some trapping will be required. As the receivable DTV stations are all on UHF, you may find the UHF-only combination is sufficient.

1:55 PM
I agreee that the VHF stations would probably overload a VHF preamp. The Winegard AP-4700 would be an ideal choice, along with a Channel Master 9521A programmable antenna rotator. The Winegard HD-7082P VHF/UHF TV antenna is constructed much better than the TACO/Delhi and would allow you to receive the Toronto, Hamilton, and at least one of the three digital stations on-the-air in Buffalo with a good digital tuner (such as the Samsung SIR-T351). Most of the analog Buffalo channels should also come in.

1:07 PM
lou_dube@sympatico.ca wrote on 2021/03/20

HDTV broadcast reception

I use a rooftop antenna and I have excellent reception from all US channels but all Canadian channels have choppy video, the audio is ok, and CTV sometimes causing my BeyondTV to freeze.
I'm in Oshawa. The Buffalo antennas are about twice as far as the Toronto antennas.
Are Canadian channels (CITY, CBC, CTV) transmitting a different signal?

Comment from Admin.
If you have excellent reception from US stations (i.e. Buffalo/Niagara Falls) then you likely have a directional rooftop antenna with a small antenna booster amplifier. The antenna is then pointing due South. For the Toronto stations it would need to be oriented almost due West, so you will receive very little signal from the Toronto stations due to the directivity of the antenna. In addition, the Toronto stations are at much lower power levels than the US stations. I suspect the problem is marginal signal levels received from the Canadian stations. Try rotating the antenna to maximize Canadian reception. If this does the trick then an antenna rotator or two antennas with a switchover is indicated. We have reports of excellent reception from Bowmanville and Cobourg, so you will likely be ok, unless your reception is blocked by nearby terrain or buildings, as the path from the CN Tower is mostly across the lake..

Let us know if this helps resolve the problem.

6:46 AM
Rotating the antenna didn't help at all the way it does for analog broadcast but:
Amazingly enough upgrading from BeyondTV 3 SE to BeyondTV 4.1 did fix the problem.
I very seldom have to rotate the antenna now.
Thanks for the info.
Would anybody know how those small round omnidirectional rooftop antennas would work?

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